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5 Marvel properties that need to be MCU movies.

by Ace Howell 2 months ago in list

Bring on the mutants!

When it was announced that Marvel would reclaim the rights to all of their properties (with the exception of a few solo movie rights respectively), fans couldn't wait to see what the future held for the potential of the many directions where the MCU could go.

First and foremost and personally speaking the most exciting title that came to mind was the reboot of the X-Men! Which leads us into the point of why these other particular group of mutants who would make great movies. The Disney/Marvel partnership has taken the title when it comes to shared cinematic universes within the Hollywood studio system.

#5) Longshot

The genetically engineered humanoid from the alternate dimension of the Mojoverse deserves a shot at the big screen.

The rebel whose skilled with blades and the ability to defy probability along with an arsenal of other powers was basically made for visual effects in this current era of moviemaking. Spending a few years as a member of the X-Men, Longshot's origin tale and his presence can expand the MCU to further heights that would be a comic book fan's dream come true!

When luck is on your side there are no limits to what can be done on film.

#4) Excalibur

It only makes sense that Marvel, who films a good bulk of their films at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom would introduce the UK's superhero group onscreen. Led by Captain Britain, there are so many ways the group can be inserted weather it be an international alliance with the X-Men or plugged into an alternate universe. Makes sense being that two former members of the X-Men (Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde) are founding members of Excalibur.

#3) Storm (Solo Film)

The rumors have been going on for the past few years but this needs to be official!

A great way to reintroduce Storm on the big screen should be as a solo film. Having this take place in Cairo, Egypt along with a few scenes in Harlem as a young woman and not fully in control of her powers of manipulating the elements with a darker tone would be a sight to see. Life before the X-Men is an interesting experience that fans have been drooling for. It would be the ideal way to witness young Ororo on her own while also tapping into her issues as a claustrophobic. Not to mention that the Shadow King would serve as a great antagonist to this origin story.

A Storm solo movie can be another culturally impactful one coming of the heels of Black Panther while showcasing qualities of great leadership skills for the third in command of the X-Men.

#2) X-Factor

The mutant group which operates under control of the United States government would make for a great push and pull with the X-Men.

Led by the younger brother of X-Men leader Cyclops, Alex Summers known as Havok can create a dynamic of big brother vs little brother sibling rivalry that would translate nicely if executed well. Sometimes these superhero stories are more interesting when they all have mixed beliefs and moral systems. X-Factor would serve great as a covert operation that was put into place during the events of Marvel's Civil War. (Not pictured in the photo above who should also be included is Quicksilver, who was a part of this specific unit.) The mutant perspective of this issue is deserving of a story being that the world has a natural and irrational fear of mutants.

#1) Alpha Flight

A Canadian government ran superhero group under Canada's Department H has been in dire need of a cinematic experience.

The first team Wolverine was a part of before he eventually joined the X-Men would also make sense to bring back the fan favorite and everyone's favorite Canadian superhero into the MCU organically. Like X-Factor, Alpha Flight works alongside the governments of their respective countries. A way to bring them into the MCU could be a fun scenario adding the Wendigo. A savage curse that takes form of a beast after an individual has committed an act of cannibalism. Who knows, maybe that would be a bit to grim for the MCU's light tone of films although it's worth a try.

The most interesting thing most fans are waiting for is to see how the X-Men will be brought in.

How will it happen?

Will Dr.Strange have a role in bringing them into the world through an alternate reality? That's the exciting thing about attempting to predict these various alternatives..we'll have to just wait and see!

Ace Howell
Ace Howell
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