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5 Funniest Scenes from Mel Brooks Movies

by Greg Seebregts 2 years ago in list

Let's have a laugh!

I feel like laughing and considering some of the stuff that's in the news lately; I think it's a safe bet that I'm not the only one. With that in mind, here are 5 of the funniest scenes in Mel Brooks movies!

5: "Leave us alone Mel Brooks!" - Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Men in Tights was, I believe, the first Mel Brooks film I ever watched and it's chock-full of jokes and gags that still have me giggling today. The opening credits fires off one of the best jokes too.

"Every time they make a Robin Hood movie they burn our village down!"

I love that line because it points out something that I had never noticed. Pretty much every Robin Hood movie I've seen has a village being raided or razed to the ground. It's cliched for sure and it's about time that someone pointed it out - I also love how the fireman says 'our village' as if every village burned or attacked in all the various Robin Hood films were theirs...the price of home insurance must be through the roof.

4: "Check please!" - Spaceballs

This scene is just gold, Lone Star and Barf stop off to grab a snack. Further down the counter is a group of people discussing their most recent trip. Suddenly one man starts to convulse and screaming ensues until:

I didn't see Alien until a few months after first seeing Spaceballs so I didn't get the whole joke. Watch the two back to back, you'll get it and if you're anything like me; you'll howl.

The man who starts to convulse is the late great John Hurt. He played Kane in the original Alien and was a good friend of Mel Brooks. When Brooks asked him to reenact that scene he agreed - hence the line:

"Oh no, not again!"

Of course, then the alien dons a boater and starts singing and dancing...

3: Punishment - Dracula: Dead and Lovin' It

Mel Brooks' Dracula spoof isn't very well-liked but that doesn't mean there aren't any funny scenes in it. Admittedly you do need at least some familiarity with the various incarnations of Dracula to get all the jokes but you didn't click on this for a lecture or a breakdown of the humor.

Occurring towards the end of the film, Renfield meets up with Dracula as they flee from Van Helsing and co. Upon realizing that he's led the hunters straight to his master, Renfield pleads for punishment. His master complies, albeit reluctantly.

Ouch! As if being chucked down the stairs wasn't bad enough; the poor guy got stepped on by the pursuing hunters. One of 'em stepping on his groin!

2: "Tell them I said owww!" - Blazing Saddles

This 1974 western spoof could almost certainly not be made today! In this scene, Bart and a buddy of his are sent of to investigate some potential quicksand. They, of course, get stuck in it and their racist employer saves the cart they were using instead of them. They pull themselves out and Bart takes a shovel they're given and whacks his boss over the head while he's relaying a message to one of his cronies.

I love how the messenger just keeps going; completely ignoring the fact that his boss just got bonked on the head with a shovel. It kind of reminded me of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd and all the antics they'd get up to.

1: Put the Candle Back! - Young Frankenstein

The late, great Gene Wilder plays a descendant of Victor Frankenstein who moves into the family estate after inheriting it from a late relative. The house has some secrets - like the one behind the bookcase!

This one gets me every. single. time. I love how they figure out how to un-trap Frankenstein only for Inga - the girl in this scene to be stuck leading to the second, and my personal favorite, utterance of the line:

"Put the candle back!"

That was Fun!

Well, that was fun! I needed a good laugh. These are just five scenes from 5 films and the films featured here have plenty more to offer so maybe I'll come back and do another one of these.


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