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5 'Friends' Theories

by Cat Leigh 4 years ago in tv

Some Weird Theories Revolving Around One of the Best TV Shows Ever Created

Theories surrounding this show have been a constant, despite it having ended nearly 14 years ago.

And as a die-hard fan of the show, I'm always curious about other people's theories.

So here are five that I recently discovered.

Ross has autism.

To be exact, Asperger's.

Fans, including some on the autism spectrum, have said that Ross shows various characteristics associated with the syndrome.

If you think about it, this theory isn't that far-fetched. Ross is quite smart. Academically, he's the smartest of the group, with a Ph.D. in Paleontology. His obsession with science along with his socially awkward personality are very common traits in people with Asperger's.

Other evidence such as his sensory issues, claiming ice cream is "too cold", and his tendency to be quite inept (the "pivot!" scene and the spray tan incident) all support this theory.

Rachel has a foot fetish.

Some observant fans might have caught on to Rachel's little secret. Throughout the series, she hints at the possibility of having a foot fetish various time.

Starting in season 1, while talking to Ross, she asks if you could ever get "someone who could be your best friend and make your toes curl."

In season 3, she asks Ross if she can paint his toenails and admits to having done it in the past.

Still not convinced? In season 4, while Monica teaches Chandler the erogenous zones, Rachel shouts "Ohh toes! Well, for some people."

I have to say, this one is pretty convincing.

Phoebe is running away from porn barons.

In season 6, Phoebe finds out that her twin, Ursula, does porn. Problem is, Ursula uses Phoebe's name.

Phoebe decides to take advantage of this by going to the adult film company and "correcting" her address, in order to receive Ursula's paychecks.

A few episodes later, a fire takes place at Rachel and Phoebe's apartment. The cause of the fire isn't certain. It could have been Phoebe's candles or Rachel's hair straightener. Or, according to theorists, arson.

Yes, some fans believe that the fire was no accident, believing that porn barons were seeking revenge.

This theory is further evidenced by the fact that, through the next 2 seasons, Phoebe moves place three times.

They are patients in a mental asylum.

Theorists have come up with this crazy theory that involves the group having a shared psychosis. In other words, our beloved show was nothing more than a delusion.

Apparently, the six characters are imagining these adventures together to escape the reality of being in a mental asylum.

If you think about it, the six friends do all have a "trigger" from their past that could have led them to go insane.

Phoebe's mother committed suicide, which led to her being homeless as a young teenager. Ross and his abandonment issues. Rachel being a borderline sociopath. Joey's constant need for attention, stemming from him being the only boy in his large family. Monica having been bullied for being overweight as a child. And Chandler's highly dysfunctional parents.

True or not, this theory does give a whole new perspective of the show.

Gunther reserved the couch/table.

The famous couch has always been a target of many speculations. Fans, including myself, just can't wrap their heads around the fact that it is always available despite Central Perk being in a very busy area.

In various episodes, you can actually see a reserved sign on the table. Theorists have a simple, yet creepy suspicion as to why they were able to reserve a table for so long. Due to Gunther's well-established love for Rachel, theorists believe he was the one who reserved the couch. Why? It's simple. He wanted to be able to watch Rachel.


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