5 Crazy Cartoons 90's Kids Grew Up With

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Those were some strange days, eh?

5 Crazy Cartoons 90's Kids Grew Up With

Surely I wasn't the only one who thought the nineties were a weird decade for cartoons, right? There's no way I was hallucinating the days I witnessed a bald kid talking to a plank of wood, was I? That's something I quite clearly remember in fact – and I'm not entirely sure I even want to. And yet, it's these strange memories of the iconic shows that partially shaped mine and millions of others minds. It's these original flavours of creativity that forged a great childhood for me, and most likely you too. That's something no nineties kid can deny.

Developers of cartoons were slightly more ballsy back then, that's for sure. There was no stepping on eggshells when rummaging up a fresh idea or a fear of offending a specific audience. Instead, there were just teams of (high) people who just wanted to produce unique programmes that had never been done before. And, it's because of that carefree approach that we were able to live through some of the greatest cartoons we've ever seen on TV.

The spark has since died out, and kids are now forced to watch safety-first training videos on how to be the perfect human. But, for us nineties kids, we were more enticed into stealing quarters for jawbreakers and sweet-talking, ahem, mamas, into falling for us. That's the sort of thing that would never even breathe past the board in this day and age. So, I guess that makes us grateful for what we had way back when. I, personally, wouldn't have wanted it any other way, to be fair.

Here are five crazy cartoons nineties kids grew up with. And, for the many shows that haven't featured on this list, I can only apologise. Because, technically – they're all bloody crazy.


What psychopath sticks a cat and a dog together? Oh, that's right – Nickelodeon. They're the culprits behind this rather idiotic image that quite literally defined a portion of the nineties cartoon platform.

CatDog is set around the conjoined siblings, Cat and Dog. And yes, you do get ten points if you figured out or so much as remembered the names of the two characters. Both of the two, who at times appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, struggle through day to day life as one favours fame, and the other quite literally nothing. The two pets pursue various schemes over the course of their existence which, sadly, never really succeed. That's the basic premise of the show which managed to accumulate a whopping viewer count in its seven year run.


Oh, look – another ridiculous show featuring two moronic heroes. And yes, we did still watch it. But this was mainly due to the fact most kids just wanted to figure out if the parents had upper-bodies or not. That was a real hanger that kept kids hungry for more of the ludicrous cartoon.

Cow and Chicken looks over the characters of, hang on, let me just check. Oh, that's it. Cow and Chicken looks over the characters of Cow and Chicken on a quest to tackle suburban life and their arch nemesis, Red Guy. However, when the enemy seeks to make life miserable for the two unlikely siblings, both Cow and Chicken must work together to banish the bully.


Ed, Edd 'n Eddy taught us a lot, to be fair. It taught us how to con the general public. It taught us how to disrespect others. It taught us how to steal. And, above all, it taught us how to eat jawbreakers as if they were watermelons. That's a pretty enlightening schedule for a show aimed at kids between the ages of six and ten, isn't it?

Ed, Edd 'n Eddy follows the story of three lads all thirsty for the jawbreaker. However, to acquire such pleasantries, the boys must con their way through the cul-de-sac in search of quarters by practicing schemes fit for a crooked salesman.


Johnny Bravo, funnily enough, managed to teach me how to talk to girls. And, thanks to him, I was calling girls in my class 'sexy mamas' for a solid two years. Then, of course, I left school, and I understood what it actually meant. Then I moved country, and of course faked my own death.

Johnny Bravo is, in essence, a sexist pig who looks to lure in various women through good looks and cheesy one-liners. However, due to his pretentious appearance and wannabe Elvis impression, his efforts fall short on almost every occasion.


Bet you weren't expecting to see a scrotum with a pair of eyes today, were you? Well, thanks to this cartoon inspired by sleep paralysis, kids were able to enjoy three years of it. So, if like me you grew up in the nineties and watched Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, then I salute you. If, however, you did not, then I can only describe the experience as eating cereal while watching a scrotum with eyes. Yeah – I bet you wish you watched it now, don't you?

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters focuses on three creatures in-training as they plough their way through Monster Academy in the hopes of becoming top scarers. And yes – it is like Pixar's Monsters University. Only this had a creepy vibe to it and was undeniably known for its weirdness. Oh, and its scrotum with eyes, of course. That's the last time I'll mention it, though. I promise.

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