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5 Characters That Could Replace Thanos as Marvel’s Big Bad

by Will Jack 2 years ago in list
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5 Possible Characters that could be introduced to replace Thanos

The Mad Titan Thanos

With Avengers: Endgame on the horizon and the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universes) 10 year arc is almost done it has to be wondered what major overarching villain will be the big bad of the MCU now that the Mad Titan’s story will seemingly come to an end in Endgame. With the acquisition of the Disney/Fox deal there are a large amount of possibilities for Marvel to choose from.

5 – The Skrulls

Since finding out the Skrulls would feature in the Captain Marvel speculation has been high for Marvel Studios to do a big screen version of the Secret Invasion event in which Skrulls invade earth and use their shape shifting abilities to take the place of heroes. They are well-known for having a long running war with the Skrulls, which is featured in the film, which accounts for their motivations of the invasion. However, the Skrulls are depicted as being victims instead of villains and are shown to be fighting against extinction.

Nevertheless, we know from the events of Spider-Man Far From Home, that there are at least a couple of Skrulls left on Earth as Talos and his wife were impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill, although these were at the orders of Fury himself.

Still, they are a species on the run fighting for survival, so it's still possible they could go to some extreme lengths to survive or even to try and get vengeance on the Kree, so this can’t be counted out just yet.

4- Kang The Conqueror

Now that Endgame has introduced time travel it isn’t out the realms of possibility that they could introduce a time travel villain such as Kang he Conqueror. A future descendent of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Nathanial Richards, Kang, journeys throughout time to establish his own tyrannical like rule in places like ancient Egypt.

He’s faced the FF (Fantastic Four) and Avengers on multiple occasions and has even conspired with displaced versions of himself which is also sometimes known as the Council of Kangs. Kang could be a great villain for either a solo FF or Avengers film and having his familial ties be so close to Reed Richards and Sue Storm Kang would provide a more personal story which would contrast the larger scale scope of Infinity War and Endgame.

3- Annihilus

If the MCU has the mind set of trying to top the final battle in Endgame and go for a more galaxy wide war, then Annihilus could be the way to go. Hailing from the Negative Zone and has multiple times been the ruler of it. Like several others on this list this enemy is heavily associated with the Fantastic Four and with recent updates from Keven Feige himself that an FF project is on the way this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce ideas such as the Negative Zone to viewers.

Annihilus came about from a life spore released on the baron planet of Arthros in the Negative Zone which after many years evolved in to an insectoid creature. Through finding alien technology which caused him to become smarter and stronger the creature named himself Annihilus and gained the power of a cosmic control rod then set out to destroy anything that he felt was a threat to him.

He leads the Annihilation Wave which consists of an armada of extreme proportions that has previously set to destroy and enslave the main Marvel universe and was only stopped by Galactus himself. So, if the MCU is after another big battle type war then this option could be very visually different to what we’ve seen already.

2- The Magus

Now admittedly this one may be up the air for a while due to the controversy with James Gunn and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, but thanks to the post-credit scene of Guardians 2 it’s obvious Marvel has plans for Adam Warlock which means we could easily see the introduction of the Magus. Despite Warlock’s connection with the mind stone and his much fight foe Thanos Warlock will not appear in Avengers: Endgame.

The Magus however is a dark and twisted version of Warlock himself from an alternate future and has such feats to his name as defeating Thanos himself and has previously possessed the infinity gauntlet on occasion just as Warlock and Thanos have. He possesses all the powers of Warlock with even Kang the Conqueror considering him to be one of the most monstrous entities in the cosmos, and anyone that gains that notoriety and defeats Thanos is definitely in a rime position to replace him as the big bad.

1-Doctor Doom

For fans of the comics it can be agreed that Doctor Doom a.k.a Victor Von Doom, arch enemy to the Fantastic Four is an incredible villain and arguably one of the best in the medium. However, the character definitely hasn’t been done justice in film from the unreleased FF (Fantastic Four) film in the 90’s to the 2000’s version and of course the notorious FANT4STIC from 2015. But now with Disney/Fox deal the rights to the character can finally return to Marvel where they can do their own take on the character as they already have with the likes of Spider-Man. Doom isn’t just an enemy of the FF but has faced off against many heroes and teams throughout with one of the most famous stories being the original Secret Wars in 1984 as well as the 2015 event.

Doom is a super genius who typically rules over Latveria, a nation in eastern Europe who’s almost always seen in his suit of armour and green cape. Marvel making use of his genius and knowledge of magic could make him a great enemy to any hero and a definite threat to the universe; after all, he has taken over the universe on occasion.


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