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31 Questions I Would Want To Ask Rege Jean Page


By Gal MuxPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
31 Questions I Would Want To Ask Rege Jean Page
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Rege- Jean Page is officially one of the most sought out actors right now. After Bridgerton on Netflix was watched by 82 million people globally in its first month, his acting skills, his beauty at a personal level, and his portrayal of Simon Basset, The Duke of Hastings has earned him praise and millions of fans along the way.

I have watched a couple of his interviews online and even though I enjoyed them thoroughly watching some more than once, there are still some questions whose answers I would want from him.

Here are 31 questions I would ask him.

  1. Based on your portrayal of Simon Basset, now that millions of women from all over the world are burning for you, what do you have to tell them?
  2. They say art imitates lie and that actors bring something of themselves into roles. In the steamy scenes that we see on Bridgerton, where do we see Rege- Jean Page and where do we see Simon Basset?
  3. Would you trap/manipulate a woman into marrying you?

4.On a scale of 1–10, 1 being the least and ten being the most, how handsome do you see yourself?

5.Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

6.Is Rege-Jean Page as sexually confident as the Duke of Hastings is?

7.Did you ever envision this kind of success and massive adulation directed at you from women from all over the world when you initially got into acting?

8.What relationship and marriage lessons do you learn from Simon Basset on a personal level?

9.As viewers have already seen your many interviews so far, would you ever consider a social distancing interview from another angle or another view of your apartment?

10.If you could go on a date with one woman in the world, dead or alive, who would she be?

11.I noticed you are a member of the Beyhive from your Instagram post where you referred to Beyoncé as “the Queen” when you featured in the same Vogue magazine as she. Which is your favorite Beyoncé song?

12.What are your insecurities?

13.What are you afraid of? What are your fears?

14.The Duke of Hastings is well known for sowing his oats. As a man who had no intention of marrying, we can only imagine how far this would have gone hadn’t he met Daphne Bridgerton. What are your personal opinions on hookups?

15.What’s a cause that you will use your platform to push for?

16.Has a woman ever said “no” to you?

17.Has a guy ever hit on you? / What would you do if a guy ever hit on you?

18.As a very handsome man, what advice would you give men who would want to look better?

19.What advice would you give other fellow actors when doing steamy scenes on camera?

20.As the son of an African woman, what do you feel is an African woman’s greatest strength?

21.If you could write a movie script, what would it be about?

22.Do you currently feel any pressure to match the success of your performance in the first season of Bridgerton?

23.If you could change one thing about Simon Basset, what would it be?

24.Who was the actor and musician you looked up to growing up?

25.Were you always the popular kid growing up?

26.We saw you fighting a lot in Bridgerton, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Are you a fighter in real life?

27.Marvel or DC

28.Beer or wine?

29. What are your opinions withdrawal method as a form of birth control?

30.What has your journey as an actor been like? It’s not the overnight success many might think it is, is it?

31.Where do you envision yourself five years from now?


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