25 Lessons Eric Matthews Taught Us on 'Boy Meets World'

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Because it's always a good day to show some Eric Matthews appreciation

25 Lessons Eric Matthews Taught Us on 'Boy Meets World'

When it comes to sitcoms that focused on all the drama life has to offer, there’s no denying that the 90s offered up a whole slew of gems that are still beloved today. They taught us about love, loss, heartbreak... and one of those gems that made the greatest of impacts was Boy Meets World. Every character taught us something new, every week and, although he's an unlikely mention, that includes Eric Matthews.

Yes, you read that right—Corey Matthews’s eccentric, goofy, and beautifully hair-conditioned older brother. You see, Eric was actually pretty genius in his own right, and eventually became everyone's older brother when things got tough. After all, he was the one who managed to get everyone talking again, after that huge fight in “Seven the Hard Way.” If you haven’t seen it, you’ll want to YouTube it.

With that, here are 25 life lessons, courtesy of Eric Matthews.

1. Life's hard, so be prepared

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Little did my five-year-old self realize how true this would be.

2. Inner beauty is everything

Sure, he had a few weak moments as Chantel Dubois in doubting his beauty, but Eric managed to always bounce back, and find a way to maintain his confidence. Now that’s some image positivity we all could use from time to time.

3. Always make yourself heard

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No one experienced this more than the show’s beloved teacher and principal, Mr. Feeney.

4. Men can sometimes be... well… idiots

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Eric was no stranger to falling short when it came to various situations, including relationships. But what mattered most is that he recognized his downfalls, and always made up for them later. Some men can take many notes.

5. Poetry is a great way to a woman’s heart

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Okay, so he may not have gotten far with this one to Bridget, but he did try and that alone is what truly counts.

6. Sometimes, boys and girls have different endgames

Luckily, Cory always had Topanga, and didn’t relate to this.

7. You don’t always have to have the answers

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Sometimes, all you have to do is be there for the ones you love.

8. Change isn't always easy

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But it can create so many positive ripples in our life.

9. It's always good to be ambitious

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But should that not work out...

10. It's good to have a Plan B

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And if that falls through, too...

11. Have a Plan C

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You know, juuuust in case.

12. Sex Ed 101 with Professor Matthews is now in session

Nothing like instilling fear in your younger sibling to promote abstinence.

13. Remember to take a moment, and celebrate the small victories in life

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Every accomplishment counts, you guys.

14. Being beautiful isn't always easy

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The struggle is REAL.

15. There's more to ducks than meets the eye

One of the softest and purest statements Eric ever said.

16. Beware the triangle

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They're messy, confusing, and no one wants that.

17. No one home = No pants

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Comfort is everything.

18. One must know how to make an entrance

Let 'em know you mean business.

Little side note of appreciation for Fred Savages's appearance in this episode.

19. What seems important now probably won't in the future

Everyone experiences this at some point or another, and it's honestly one of the many luxuries of growth.

20. Beware of candles

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…and sparklers

Especially when near curtains.

21. The element of surprise


22. Find time to tell those who helped shape your life that you love them

I’m not crying... my eyes are just sweating. *wipes tear*

23. If you want to get to the bottom of something, don’t be afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions

And here we see exactly why "Eric Matthews: Good Looking Detective" would've been a success. Refer back to lesson 9.

24. DIY costume hacks

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You're welcome, last minute Halloween costume deciders.

25. The importance of friendship

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Forever in my top five favourite episodes.

Ergo, Eric Matthews was, is, and always will be one of the most iconic characters of the 90s.

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