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15 Thoughts And Theories After Watching The Two Loki Episodes Released So Far

!!! Spoilers Ahead !!! Only two episodes so far, and I can already tell this is gonna be one WILD ride.

By Sara ThomasPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

1) "It's not your story, Mr. Laufeyson, it never was."

Is it the Timekeepers' story? The Eternals? It must be SOMEONE'S. How many stories wrapped in stories are there?? I am equal parts confused and excited right now.

2) I'm honestly impressed that Loki's file for everything he's ever said was as small as it was.

The guy loves to talk, yet his complete file is only roughly a foot and a half high? He's been alive for literally hundreds of year, but hey, maybe little Loki had a silent period we just don't know of. Afterall, he did seem more reserved when we first met him in Thor.

3) Agent Mobius would make a FANTASTIC therapist - is he taking new patients?

He tells it like it is, prefers to believe the best in people, can seemingly read people like a BOOK. He's a top agent for a reason, and he literally helped Loki to a personal breakthrough in the first episode.

4) Is the Loki we are familiar denying himself by neglecting his mischievous side by focusing instead on world domination?

Nurture your soul Loki! You're the god of mischief, not the god of ruling. Own your mischief! Maybe he could learn a thing or two from The Variant Loki, who is clearly stirring up some A-level mischief.

5) So we really owe Loki for assembling the Avengers?

Sucks for Loki that he was just the training round, but all of us MCU fans definitely owe him a big thank you for motivating the Avengers to become their best selves. Also special shoutout to Agent Phil Coulson, you are always missed.

6) LOL at the fact that Mobius actually offered him a drink after watching the Loki clips and realizing Loki never got the drink he most recently asked for.

So considerate of him! I'd be willing to bet that Agent Mobius is the nicest person at the TVA. Although I definitely also have a soft spot for Casey. Most of the hunters seem pretty ruthless and trigger happy.

7) Will Mobius ever be able to jet ski?

Quick jet ski before an apocalypse anyone?

8) Is the Sacred Timeline really just a Happy Middle?

Guess everybody really does love a compromise. Even giant all-knowing space lizards.

9) Who are the timekeepers and are they actually lizards?

Will we meet Kang the Conqueror soon? Also why am I getting severe 1984 "Big Brother is always watching you" vibes? I have so many questions!

10) Are we going to find out why the universe started?

What is the Marvel universe origin story? Maybe declassify those files on the creation of the TVA, the beginning of the universe, and the end of the universe. It is interesting thought that the TVA has an intro video where they discuss their origin and reason for being, but the actual files on it are classified. Maybe because they are pushing a false story?

11) Will the TVA show up in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie? Or are Doctor Strange, Scarlett Witch, and America Chavez meant to play around with the multiverse?

Does Doctor Strange know about the TVA? They are both centered around time. Wanda herself is a Nexus being, and when she discovers this, what will that mean for the TVA?

12) What does The Variant Loki want? Their mother back? Does she plan on destroying the sacred timeline for this purpose? Or are there other motives?

Is that why they hate being called "Loki" and hate our Loki so much? Are they angry at themselves for causing their mother's death and determined to create a dominant timeline where she lives? Maybe even save Asgard from Ragnarok? When The Variant Loki says, "This isn't about you" to our Loki at the end of the second episode, who does The Variant Loki think it IS about? Is it about their mother? Destroying the sacred timeline, creating a multiversal war, killing the Timekeepers, and basking in all of the chaos? However, The Variant Loki did give the child in Aix-en-Provence, France gum to calm their nerves, demonstrating some level of compassion. That orrrrr it was a clue left for our Loki. Guess we'll just have to keep watching to figure it out.

13) Agent Mobius is a sass KING and I am loving it.

All in favor of a compilation reel of Agent Mobius's sass, say I.

14) Do the Timekeepers have a secret malevolent motive? Or are they just big fans of organization?

If Kang the Conqueror is as evil as Marvel leads us to believe, then maybe The Variant Loki is on to something? If Kang is one of the timekeepers, then the TVA most definitely can't be all good. Sounds like it's time for a revolution!

15) Did Loki jump into the TVA orange portal to join sides with The Variant Loki? Or to be a double agent FOR the TVA?

Maybe he realized that The Variant Loki is ahead by 20 steps, and so he needs the inside scoop. In our Loki's defense, he stands a chance of defeating the other variant if he wants to. Technically, The Variant has had more time with all of this TVA information, and our Loki is still relevantly knew. But we do know him to be a quick study.


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