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15 Most Ridiculous What If Questions Asked on the Internet

Can you top these?

By What IfPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - July 2020

Followers of the What If show suggest hundreds of what if? questions every day. We've collected the most memorable ones and are pleased to present this non-exhaustive list peppered with the wildest form of imagination social media has to offer.

What If Everyone Farted at the Same Time?

Upon further inspection this stinker of a suggestion actually had the sweet stench of success all over it, so we figured we'd be fools NOT to give it a rip. So don't forget to watch it on our YouTube channel this week.

What If Elon Musk Is an Alien Who Is Just Trying to Get to His Home Planet?

We'd never be able to confirm which planetary body he's from and we like to stick with the facts, but we do know he wants to retire on Mars. Hopefully some day he'll be able to focus on his Sunday cookie-making routine (the birth of the Red Planet Bakery, perhaps?) and cut back on the 120-hour workweeks.

What If You Farted in Space?

Houston, we have a problem. A very disgusting, malodorous problem.

What If a Coconut Fell on Newton's Head Instead of an Apple?

Do you think Sir Isaac would have appreciated that in the future the measurement of the amount of force exerted by this coconut dropping on his noggin and giving him a concussion would be named after him?

What If You Fell Into a Pool Full of Bananas?

Here's the good news: The fall wouldn't hurt you. The bad news: If you managed to swallow 400 of them in the process your heart would stop beating. That's all you need to know.

What If the World Really Did Ride on the Back of a Turtle?

We all know that unless Earth's nickname is 'Salmonella' chances are very good — okay, an absolute guarantee — this could never happen. But, if it ever did make it that far, we'd have a hard time explaining how this scenario wouldn't end up with only one bowl of shell-filled turtle soup and a planet blissfully unaware of what it just crushed.

What If Humans Had 360 Vision?

It might sound cool to take a page out of the chameleon playbook and have both binocular and monocular capabilities that combine for 360 degree vision, but then you know that means you're going to get stuck watching that weird guy sitting behind you in the theater while you're trying to concentrate on the movie in front of you.

What If Everyone Peed in the Ocean at the Same Time?

How would you like it if billions of people showed up at your house and peed into it? For the sake of marine life everywhere, we have to pass on this one.

What If Sharks Could Walk on Land?

The epaulette shark can actually walk on land but it looks kinda goofy doing it, so having sharks waddling past us while we sip our morning coffee would probably be more cute than ferocious. And cute can just be boring sometimes.

What If Our Butts Were Horizontal and Not Vertical?

Think of it: Every time you jumped for joy finding out a new What If episode has been released you'd have a clapping keister. We wouldn't mind, of course, but the human body's intergluteal cleft has been engineered in the vertical position for a reason.

What If Humans Ate Without Chewing?

Do we really want to dive deep into the outcome of a planet filled with 8 billion people all on liquid diets?

What If Your Nose Grew Longer Every Time You Lied?

This is the best What If suggestion we've ever had.

What If We Had an Orgasm Every Time We Sneezed?

"For someone who sneezes so much you sure do smile a lot."

What If Our Moon Was Shaped Like a Tennis Racquet?

Sure, if we tossed gravitational attraction aside for a minute we could have a Moon with a handle sticking out of it, but just don't expect a bouncy landing the next time humankind makes it back there.

What If Humans Laid Eggs?

Mammals laying eggs? You want humans to magically transform into a monotreme? This sounds just crazy enough to make a good What If episode. Watch it below.


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