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13 reasons why season 4 recap

by Lena Bailey 23 days ago in review

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13 reasons why season 4 recap

So this will be the last time I do these post because this is the last season of 13 reasons. I don't think I will miss this show anymore. I will only have one recap post. Spoil alert is in affect now.

This season started with a funeral. We also see Justin come up to Clay's bed to tell him that Monty is alive but it was a dream. Justin is still in rehab but is coming home. Ani is dating Clay. Tyler got called into talk to the sheriff. Ani reveals she's moving to Oakland. They traced the bag the guns were in to Tyler but Tyler lied to the cops. Justin breaks up with Jess for his sobriety. We learn that Winston is going to liberty. Jess invites to Ani live with her. She accepts and got her mom on board. Jess burns the tape Bryce gave to her. Metal detectors were added to the school. Winston joins yearbook with Tyler. Tony's father was denied a visa to come back into the country. Someone was playing Bryce's tape in Clay's room.

We see another piece of the funeral. Someone spray painted "Monty was framed" on a door at school and a smiley in Clay's locker. Tyler opens up to Winston about how he feels about Monty. Zach and Clay get caught at a frat party during a college tour. Alex also opened up to Winston about his suicide and his run in with Monty. Winston tried to get Ani to talk to him but she wouldn't do it. Monty's sister opened up to Ani about her brother and Bryce. Clay keeps getting messages on his laptop about how Monty was framed.

Clay got robo calls with threats. These calls were coming from someone who said they had "proof". He is then locked in the dark room. The robo calls also started to call the shots for Clay. Justin even goes to an AA meeting where he sees his coach. Clay went to the showers at school and found blood and a knife. When he tried to clean the blood off the water came out as blood. We also see "Monty" die again. The calls were coming from the football team, they called it a prank but it also seemed like they were trying to frame him for something.

In the 4th episode we see another piece of the funeral. Clay and Diego get in trouble for the prank involving the calls. Alex and Winston are together. Someone threatened to tell all of the secrets on the camping trip. Alex denies being a couple with Winston. Tony confronts Tyler about hacking Clay's email. Justin thinks someone wants a confession. Justin disappears while doing a scavenger hunt with Clay. Justin attacks the wrong football player by accident. Someone attacks Clay. In a dream Monty comes to Clay and tells him why the football team is messing with him. Monty explains that the football players loved him and that he was angry at others. He also told the story of how he died.

Justin and Clay get drug tested and Clay's came up positive. Justin goes to his coach about the drug test situation. The students think that the parents are tracking them and talking to each other. Winston questioned Monty's sister in what she knew. Winston and Diego are trying to break Clay. Winston told Diego about him and Monty. Justin and Tony saw Tyler with a guns dealer. Clay crashed a car he and Zach were in.

Zach ended his friendship with Clay after the wreck. There's a lockdown at the school. Tony finds photos in Tyler's stuff. Tyler is found safe in the girl's bathroom. We find out that Ani left and her mom is sick. We hear gunshots during the lock down. Zach told Winston that he beat up Bryce the night he died. Clay goes out in the hall and encounters someone with a gun but it was only a vison. We also found out that this was just a drill and the gunshots were just blanks. Clay confronts the principle and the guards and gets taken down in the process.

Clay is in the hospital after being taken down. Winston and Monty's sister were trying to figure out who killed Bryce. Ani comes back to catch Jessica and Diego. Tony confronted Tyler about the guns. Clay escapes the hospital and lies to Ani about his escape. Ani tells Jessica that she is moving out to live with Tony. We find out that Justin's mom passed away. Mrs. Walker offered Bryce's college money to Ani. Alex is spying on them and takes a picture of them. The football team and Winston meets Zach where Bryce died. Diego proceeds to beat up Zach and Zach confesses. Tyler goes to buys guns and Tony and Clay stops him.

Jessica got rejected by her top 3 schools because she took her SATs twice but both times were after traumatic moments. Diego, Winston and Monty's sister were listening to the tape Bryce made for Jessica. Diego accuses Jessica of playing him. Zach is in danger of failing and having to repeat senior year. Tony has been doing fights but didn't do well in 2 of them. Justin confronts Jessica about Diego. During a parent meeting Clay overheard that the parents have overheard a lot and had access to the things the kids do on the phone. Diego had a run in with a resource officer where he pulled a gun and Diego was handcuffed and taken in. The students staged a walk out on the spot. Officers want the kids off the property but they fight back with their school supplies. It comes out that Clay is the one who set fire to the principle's car, left the message on school property the first day and scared the kids on the camping trip.

Justin relapsed and refused help. He also got fired from his job. Diego threatened to snitch on Jessica. Clay's group decided to tell their parents the truth. Alex and Charlie win prom king and king. Justin shows up to prom late and collapses.

Justin has AIDS and an infection in his brain/spine. Alex told Winston that he killed Bryce because Winston was going to blame Jessica. Clay runs into the police station yelling that he has a gun. Justin dies in the hospital. We learn that the funeral we saw pieces of throughout the seasons were of Justin's funeral. Alex tried to speak at the funeral but couldn't say much. Alex told Winston why he killed Bryce and that he is sorry he did it. Tony sells the garage and has second thoughts. He gets a scholarship for college for boxing. Jessica and Diego got tested for AIDs and they were both negative. Clay finds a box addressed to him and it's the tapes that Hannah recorded before her death. Mrs. Walker sent them to Clay because she believed they belonged to Tony and Clay. We seem some old faces at the graduation party but we don't really get much of an update from them. Clay and his group bury Hannah's tapes.

This season was boring but I got through it. This series was sometimes hard to watch and sometimes boring but it's all over now. In another post I will look at what this series got right and wrong.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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