'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Recap #2

by Lena Bailey about a year ago in entertainment

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'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Recap #2

Please read part one before reading this one. This post maybe a little longer to finish out the season. As always a spoiler and trigger warning is in effect.

In the fifth episode Justin still had Tyler's gun and he says, "The 1st guy didn't work out." Athletes get caught with steroids at school. Bryce was selling steroids while he was alive. Jessica's group planned a protest at Bryce's funeral behind her back. A football player named Luke sold steroids to Alex when he was trying to get stronger. Monty had a student ID in his car in a envelope that says, "he won't talk." Monty may have been gay but then beats up the guy who he had hooked up with. Bryce paid him off not to talk or go to the cops. A few guys from Bryce's group and Alex went to a prostitute.

(6th Episode) There was a protest at Bryce's funeral. The police quickly took them away. Bryce's parents got a divorce and his dad has another kid. Bryce broke into his father's house and destroyed the house after breaking into the wrong house on accident. Tony's family was taken by ICE. Bryce was willing to buy Tony's car. The video of Clay confronting Bryce with a gun comes out.

(7th Episode) Bryce's mom asked Ani about Clay and if she knew anything about him or him having a gun. Bryce and Ani had some kind of relationship, at least they were hooking up regularly. Ani was asking around about clay, to see if he had anything to do with Bryce's murder. Clay's mom thinks he needs a lawyer.

(8th Episode) Ani accused Clay of killing Bryce. Mr. Porter returns to help in the investigation of Bryce's murder. He was mainly asking about Clay. We learn that Mr. Porter was counseling Bryce to help him change. We also learn that he was fired after Hannah's trial. Tyler tells Clay that he was rapped. Bryce finds out about the rape and "helped" him with Monty. Clay found a bottle of Bryce's pills in Justin's belongings.

(9th Episode) Justin is using drugs again and selling drugs at Mote's. He took Bryce's oxy from his room after the funeral. Clay was named person of interest. Justin told Jessica that he cheated on her to cover up what he was really doing the night of homecoming. The person following Justin was a drug dealer and possibly his dad. Bryce bailed Justin out with his debts. Justin thinks the dealer had something to do with Bryce's murder. Zach helped Justin pass a drug test after a game. We also learn that it wasn't the pills he took after the funeral, it was a watch. Bryce gave the pills to Justin after a game.

(10th Episode) Mrs. Baker comes back into town and talked to the cops. Justin and Jessica broke up and Clay told her Justin is using again. We find out that Bryce's family turned Tony's family into ICE. Tony's family was deported from the camps to Mexico. Bryce listened to the tapes and tried to talk to Mrs. Baker. Jessica confronts Justin about what Clay told her. Mrs. Baker had called Clay and left a voice mail saying she wanted to kill Bryce but she was drunk and sad. Mrs. baker talked to Mrs. Walker (Bryce's mom), Mrs. Walker apologizes to her.

(11th episode) The cops took Clay and Justin's electronics and searched their rooms. Tony's boyfriend lied to the cops about where he was the night Bryce was murdered. Jessica's dad tucked her in and asked about if she stayed in bed the night of the murder. Ani's shirt didn't have blood on it like we previously thought, it was paint from the protest at homecoming from when someone knocked it over. Ani's mom found out that Ani lied about homecoming night and her relationship with Bryce. Bryce was wanting to go back to liberty. They showed the protest at homecoming and the planning of it. Bryce told Ani to leave during the protest. Tyler showed Jessica and Bryce a tape of him telling his story. Jessica confronted Monty. Bryce asked Jessica to meet him at the pier so he can give her the tape. Bryce confronted Monty about everything he did. The protest triggered Alex. Clay asked Tony to make him disappear.

So there will be a part three so stay tuned. It may be put up today or tomorrow.

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