'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Recap

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'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Recap

Please read my other recaps I did them backwards by accident. Also if you have not yet watched the season please do so now. These posts and series may not be for you. Let's get started.

This season was so confusing I had to watch it twice. The reason for this confusion was they showed things out of order sometimes because in each episode they were telling why a certain person could be responsible for Bryce being dead.

Episode one starts off by us meeting a new character named Ani. She was washing what looked like blood out of her shirt. Clay was taken out of school by cops. We also learn through flashbacks that Clay had Tyler's gun, at least one of them after the dance. Alex and Zach are still friends and helping each other out. Alex no longer had his cane. In this episode they still believe he is just missing. Zach became the captain of the football team. Clay and Tony took Tyler's guns somewhere and then took Tyler home after the dance. Clay and a group of students try to cover for Tyler. Zach left the group because he didn't want there to be another close call. Ani lives at Bryce's house because her mom was taking care of Bryce's grandpa. Bryce called Tyler and left a message saying he took care of something for him.

In the second episode we see that Clay is having nightmares again. Bryce's mom wants the sheriff to look at Clay and Tony. Bryce injured Zach's knee at homecoming. Bryce's parents split up and Bryce's dad kicked him out so he had to live with his mom. Clay and the main friend group help take care of Tyler who is still dealing with the aftermath of the almost shooting at the dance. Monty is mad that Zach was named captain. Monty confronts Tyler because he thinks Tyler said something about him to the cops. Alex threatens Monty to make him leave Tyler alone. Chloe also changed schools, she had an abortion. Bryce's mom had a feeling that Chloe was pregnant. Zach had offered to help her with the baby. Zach and Chloe became friends through the whole thing. Someone is watching Justin. Clay drove Ani home from school. The students at Bryce's new school knew about his past. We see Tyler wanting to kill himself by jumping into the water from high up. Also they found Bryce's body.

(3rd episode) They made the announcement at school about finding Bryce's body. Jessica won student body president. She confronts Bryce about what happened to her, he apologizes. Ani was trying to help Jessica with reclaiming her body. Tyler confessed to Tony that he has a gun and asks what they did with his other guns. Clay and Ani accuse Jessica and Justin of killing Bryce. Justin confronts Bryce about what he did. Bryce tells Justin that he saw everything that happened with Tyler at the dance but said nothing. Jessica also worked at the movie theater that Clay and Hannah worked at where Bryce apologized again. Jessica and Alex broke up because she is still dealing with her assault. Jessica and Justin hooked up. Justin threatened the guy who's watching him. The guy accused Justin of killing Bryce. Tyler is having a tough time with his assault. The episode ends with Tyler looking a pictures of what we assume is Bryce's body with his gun laying next to him.

(4th episode) The report came out that Bryce was shot and Justin and Clay think it could have been Tyler. Ani told the cops about the almost shooting at the dance. The case worker for Justin asked about his dad and he says he hasn't seen him. We have reason to think that the guy following him is his dad. We first learn that Tyler doesn't like using the bathrooms in the school. In a flashback we learn that Zac tells Tyler that Bryce saw everything at spring fling and that he could call the police. Jessica asked Tyler why he was going to shoot up the dance. She also started a group for assault survivors and allies. Jessica's group did a protest at homecoming and some of the group wanted to protest Bruce's funeral. Clay finds pictures on Tyler's computer that look like Bryce's body. Tyler wanted to kill himself but instead asked Monty to for an apology. Tyler also confronted Bryce and threatened to kill him. Tyler was the one who found Bryce and called the cops. He told Clay that he was at the bridge to jump. It then comes out that Bryce wasn't shot and that they dumped Tyler's guns in the river Bryce was found in. We see Justin pull a gun on the guy that's always following him. The cops found a lot of vials on Bryce's body.

There will be a part 2 so stay tuned.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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