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10 Teen Dramas To Watch If You Miss The Society

Unfortunately, The Society was added to the list of canceled-too-soon Netflix shows. However, for fans who miss the YA series, here are some other shows to check out with similar vibes.

By Svetlana SterlinPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Despite its popularity, Netflix’s genre-defying series, The Society, was canceled just two weeks before its second season was scheduled to film. The popular show follows a group of teens who are left stranded in their hometown in New England after a failed camping trip.

Left without adults, the Internet, new supplies, or a way out, the teens are forced to establish a new society of their own. The series is dark and nuanced with a diverse cast of characters who form unlikely relationships in their new home. Fans will miss the show dearly, but there are a few other teen dramas that may fill the void.

10. Riverdale

Riverdale is surprisingly similar to The Society in a number of ways. For starters, the teens are often getting up to no good without adult supervision while trying to solve an unending amount of mysteries.

The CW series also has a very distinct setting and atmosphere. The town of Riverdale is mysterious and dark, just like The Society’s West Ham. One of the key turning points in The Society is Cassandra’s murder, which makes everyone question who they trust. Riverdale follows a similar pattern, with the deaths of seemingly innocent and well-loved citizens by the unlikeliest of perpetrators.

9. Outer Banks

This Netflix original was released in April 2020 and immediately skyrocketed to take the top spot on the streaming service’s viewership listing. Like The Society, Outer Banks is rooted in its vibrant, palpable setting.

Though an island is much lighter than a deserted town, the two shows share an omnipresent sense of mystery. Four teens with an unbreakable friendship embark on what is essentially a treasure hunt, making unexpected alliances along the way while discovering not-so-pleasant truths about people they thought they could trust.

8. 13 Reasons Why

Based on Jay Asher’s popular young adult novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why explores the tumultuous transition from childhood to adolescence for a circle of friends (and enemies), furthered complicated when a classmate takes her life and leaves behind a video diary.

Like the young characters of The Society, the students of Liberty High are forced to grow up too quickly. Their experiences take them all the way to court trials and give them no choice but to question their values and how — and if — the adults around them support them.

7. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a little different from The Society in that it features characters of all ages, which is part of its appeal. However, these characters are often split into separate groups, with the younger kids embarking on a mission to find out the truth about why their friend has disappeared.

Meanwhile, the teens are learning about the mysterious “Upside-Down,” with the adults slowly catching up on the whole thing. Just like the kids of West Ham, the Hawkins residents are forced to befriend people they’d never imagined talking to before in order to come together for a common goal.

6. Trinkets

For fans of unlikely friendships, Trinkets is the way to go. The show centers around three completely different girls forming a beautiful friendship in the atmospheric setting of Portland. Like West Ham, Elodie’s new home is much darker than where she came from — quite literally, because it’s always overcast and raining.

Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha come from vastly different backgrounds but are drawn together by their kleptomania. They’re constantly going against their parents’ wishes and escaping into the city at night.

5. Dare Me

This may be a cheerleader-based drama, but it’s surprisingly dark and much more nuanced than many of its kind. Like The Society, Dare Me involves a murder but is more concerned with examining the consequences of the tragedy rather than finding the perpetrator.

The mystery and darkness are sure to entice fans of The Society, as well as the ambiguity of the girls’ relationships. The Society hints at past complexities in some of the characters’ relationships, just as Dare Me defies expectations when revealing that Addy and Beth’s friendship isn’t what it seems.

4. Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska is Hulu’s 2019 adaptation of John Green’s popular YA novel of the same name. The titular character, Alaska Young, is portrayed by Kristine Froseth, who plays Kelly in The Society.

In addition to Froseth’s portrayal of the elusive Alaska, fans will enjoy the show’s premise of teens who are always searching for something more. Another character, Miles, goes to a boarding school, where he finds his place among a group of loyal friends and falls in love with the mysterious Alaska.

3. Under The Dome

Though not exactly a teen drama, fans of The Society probably won’t find a show closer to its premise than Under The Dome. The series ran for three seasons on CBS from 2013 to 2015.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, the series begins when a mysterious dome cuts off a town from the rest of the world. The major characters include teens as well as adults, but like The Society, they must find ways to survive until someone can rescue them.

2. The 100

In The 100, a group of 100 teenage delinquents is sent to Earth to see if the planet is survivable a century after a nuclear apocalypse. Without any adults to help them figure out this new world, they are left to their own devices and must band together to survive.

Just like in The Society, these kids must find ways to cooperate and survive in this hostile land. Another similarity is the ways in which they attempt to govern themselves — which is the primary source of conflict in both shows.

1. Lord Of The Flies

Many viewers initially thought The Society was based on the landmark novel Lord of the Flies, and as such, fans of the show should definitely watch the 1990 film adaptation of William Golding’s book.

In the movie, a group of twenty-five military cadets is left stranded on an island after their plane crashes. The group eventually splits into two — one tries to form a civilized society, while the other is governed only by its savage survival instinct, and the tragedy that culminates from the warring factions is utterly shocking.

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