10 Reasons Overwatch Is The Best Video Game Ever

Why is Blizzard's latest original title proving so popular across the globe? We've got some ideas...

10 Reasons Overwatch Is The Best Video Game Ever

For almost a year now, Overwatch has been entertaining gaming audiences across the world, named as the Game of the Year at the 2016 Game Awards and picking up the 2016 Golden Joystick Award for Best Original Game. Still seeing significant sales despite being on shelves for many months now, we’ve decided to take a look at what it is that makes the multiplayer first-person-shooter such a success. Here are 10 Reasons Overwatch Is The Best Video Game Ever.

10. It Embraces Diversity

It’s been one of the aims of those behind Overwatch ever since conception first began to bring a game to fans that would include a heck of a lot of diversity, so everybody who was playing it could find things in common with the characters that they see in themselves. More recently it was revealed that the poster hero for the game, Tracer, was in a same-sex relationship, further proving just how dedicated the developers of the title are in allowing inclusivity to work its way into Overwatch, rather than having this as a game exclusively for a select few groups in the overall gaming community.

9. New Updates Come Every Few Weeks

In the months we’ve been able to play Overwatch, there have been the additions of three new playable heroes, four events with unlockable skins, new maps and much more. Director Jeff Kaplan has been extremely interactive with the game’s fanbase, giving updates as to what we should expect and when, as well as teasing us with little hints about what could be right around the corner. For most other games, sequels are a necessary thing to come after a hugely-successful debut, but with Overwatch, the game could easily stand on its own two feet for the years to come if the updates to it continue coming thick and fast.

8. All Content Can Be Unlocked By Playing Rather Than Paying

Following on from the above, everything that is available to players in Overwatch can be unlocked simply by playing the game. There’s the option for micro-transactions when it comes to mystery ‘Loot Boxes’, that contain various different skins, sprays and voice lines for the playable heroes, but the boxes can also be earned by raking in the experience points out on the field. When a game sticks its neck out to provide so much content for free following an initial purchase in this day and age, you have to respect the decision that was made. Especially when it’s from the company that makes a ton of money from pay-to-play titles such as World of Warcraft.

7. It Encourages Teamwork

In a world currently cursed with some of the biggest divisions of the modern day, Overwatch bats all of that away and instead encourages its players to work alongside each other to reach their objective. In giving each of the playable heroes specific roles, communication is key if players want to be successful, so there’s a certain level of respect within the Overwatch community that you don’t see often with various other gaming titles.

6. It Flips The Superhero Genre On Its Head

At its heart, Overwatch has borrowed plenty from the superhero genre, but it does so while tipping the entire thing on its head, reinventing what has come before and pushing against the boundaries that have been set out in the past. Here we’re introduced to a whole slew of characters that are capable of incredible things. Some are your typical heroes, a little goofy but always wanting to do the right thing, like Winston and Tracer, while others are a bit rough around the edges, but are more than willing to come together for the greater good when the time calls for it.

5. All Characters Are Worth Playing

As previously mentioned, every single playable hero in Overwatch has their own role. While they are assigned to a category such as ‘Tank’, ‘Attack’, Defence’ or ‘Support’, it goes much deeper than that. You’ll probably be wanting a hero with a turret or turrets if you’re defending a point, along with a solid healer to ensure your companions stick around for as long as possible. When attacking however it’s all about the damage being done so you can make that initial break through the opposing team’s defences. Playing each and every hero on different types of maps is the right thing to do if you want to get the feel for the perfect team each time you’re thrust into battle.

4. The Lore And Promotional Material Is Amazing

When they’re not bringing new heroes, maps, game modes and everything else to players, the smart folk at Blizzard are putting together new promotional material in the form of origins videos for the heroes, as well as beautiful comic books so that players can find out a little bit more about the Overwatch lore. The most recent example saw Torbjorn protecting Bastion from destruction when he realized the former fighting machine had turned over a new leaf (quite literally) and simply wanted to enjoy nature and help out wherever it could. It’s a sweet tale, but not all of them are as ‘friendly’.

3. It Doesn’t Need Graphic Violence To Succeed

In saying that, the game doesn’t need graphic violence or anything untoward to succeed. Nowadays there seems to be a trend of stuffing in as much violence as possible into a game to see who can give their audience the biggest shock. That’s fine for titles such as Resident Evil, but that’s not Overwatch’s goal. Remember, it’s all about inclusivity, and that means inviting people to play from a wide range of ages. While it is at its core a fighting game, there’s never anything that even borders on being offensive when it comes to the combat involved in Overwatch.

2. Every Single Game Played Is Different

Nowadays, those who play video games often get strung up on disappointing, chaotic and frustrating moments through the titles they play, leading to them quitting the game entirely and a bad taste being left in their mouth. This isn’t something that happens too often with Overwatch, because no two matches are ever the same. Sure, you may hit a terrible losing streak in competitive or find yourself put in teams where one particular member drops out just a couple of minutes into play, but it’s easy here to dust yourself off and get right back into the action, because there are millions of options as to how to play. Though there are only a handful of game modes and maps, Overwatch isn’t a game that needs to plug an extra 5 maps and modes into the game every month to remain fresh. Instead, it has based its success off of the community that come back to play and come up with inventive ways of winning the match.

1. You Can Compete Professionally

Overwatch has become one of the latest games players can now compete professionally with, taking part in the Overwatch League for some incredible prizes. In their own words, the League is “on a mission to celebrate fans and afford them opportunities to become champions,” so what better way to do that than with the creation of an all-new esports program? The official Overwatch League is currently in its early stages, so it’s still not too late to go and get involved!

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