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10 Most Memorable Dance Scenes In The MCU

Dance Off, Bro!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 9 months ago 6 min read
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The post-credits scene of She-Hulk's third episode, 'The People vs Emil Blonsky', which sees She-Hulk twerking with Megan Thee Stallion after signing the rap star as a client, has divided the MCU. While some fans have accepted the scene in the humorous spirit in which it was intended, many have dismissed it as cringeworthy.

To which others are asking.. why? This is far from the first time the MCU has included a scene with characters dancing, and yet it is definitely the first time such a scene has been so badly received.

As a reminder of how fun, funny, or sometimes touching these scenes can be, let's look back at all the memorable dance scenes of the MCU.

1. Tony asks Pepper to dance (Iron Man)

While attending a Stark Industries Charity Ball in the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark is distracted when he spots his assistant, Pepper Potts from across the room, abandoning a conversation with Agent Phil Coulson in favour of asking a reluctant Pepper to dance. This seems to be the first time that Tony has noticed Pepper in a truly romantic light, and began truly appreciating just how much she did for him. It is hinted that, while Pepper may secretly share Tony's feelings, she fears becoming just another in his long line of conquests.

The scene is a great show of the early chemistry between the pair who eventually, albeit briefly, become the MCU's ultimate power couple when Pepper suits up as Rescue alongside Tony's Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame.

2. Tony dances while suiting up (Iron Man 3)

During the events of Iron Man 3, Tony develops a habit of obsessively working on new suits to avoid sleep. While this is actually a sign that Tony is suffering from PTSD after the Battle of New York, it does give us the humorous scene where Tony dances to 'Jingle Bells' while attempting to suit up in the Mark 42 armour for the first time.

The scene often leads fans to argue that Iron Man 3 counts as a Christmas movie.

3. Star-Lord's Introduction (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

During the introduction of leading man Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in Guardians Of The Galaxy, the character is scene dancing through ruins to the tune of Redbone's 'Come And Get Your Love' while on his way to steal the Orb containing the Power Stone. It perfectly sets up what to expect from this character, and the movie as a whole.

Right from the beginning, this scene made it clear that Guardians Of The Galaxy was a different kind of Marvel film. However, the film was ultimately embraced for these differences. Hopefully, She-Hulk too will eventually be embraced for its own merits.

4. Dance off to save the universe (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Towards the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy, things are not looking great for our heroes, as Ronan The Accuser has possession of the Power Stone, and is about to use it to lay waste to the planet Xandar. In what seems a rather stupid last-ditch attempt to save the day, Star-Lord challenges Ronan to a dance off for the fate of the planet. However, he was actually just keeping Ronan distracted long enough for Drax and Rocket Raccoon to complete construction on a weapon they use to shatter Ronan's hammer, allowing the Guardians to claim the Power Stone and save Xandar.

The Dance-off to save the universe is now considered one of the most memorable, iconic moments in the entire MCU. The Guardians themselves even refer back to it as one of their own greatest moments in Avengers: Infinity War.

5. Dancing Baby Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

One of the saddest moments of the MCU's first two phases comes in Guardians Of The Galaxy, when Groot gives his life to shield the other Guardians during the crash landing of Ronan's ship. However, Rocket is able to salvage one of Groot's twigs from the wreckage, and, once potted, the twig eventually sprouts into Groot's son, the adorable Baby Groot. In the film's post credits scene, the newly sprouted Groot is seen dancing to The Jackson 5's hit 'ABC', only to freeze when Drax looks his way.

Baby Groot became an immediate sensation, spawning tons of merchandise, and even changing early plans for the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel. While Director James Gunn had initially planned for Groot to be fully grown by Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, the popularity of the Dancing Groot scene led to the decision to keep the character as a baby for one more film.

6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 opening scene

In the opening scene of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, set just a few months after the first film, the Guardians have been hired to protect some highly valuable batteries from a rampaging tentacled monster, Abilisk. After managing to activate a small speaker system Rocket had set up so the team could enjoy some music as they worked, Baby Groot dances around to 'Mr. Blue Sky' while the battle rages around him.

The intro is equally as beloved and iconic as the original Dancing Baby Groot scene, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest opening sequences of all time.

7. Some unspoken thing (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2)

While Quill is on a high after connecting with his long-lost Father, Ego, Gamora is growing increasingly concerned with her inability to make contact with Rocket and Groot, who had been left behind with the ship. Quill attempts to distract Gamora from her worries by coaxing her to dance with him. Unfortunately, the sweet moment is ruined when Gamora is unwilling to acknowledge the growing romantic attraction between them.

While a false-start for the pair relationship wise, the scene showcases the chemistry between the two characters. Despite her rejection of him, Quill still ultimately chooses Gamora and his found family with the Guardians over ruling the universe as a Celestial alongside his Father.

8. Quill's intro, revisited (Avengers: Endgame)

Star-Lord's introduction during the original Guardians film is memorably revisited during the events of Endgame, seen from the point of view of Nebula and War Machine as they intercept his theft of the Power Stone for their role in the Time Heist. War Machine delivers this memorable quote in reaction to Star-Lord's dancing:

"So.. He's an idiot."

While most likely a playful reference to the very different style of the Guardians films compared to the rest of the MCU, some fans also see it as a dig at Star-Lord for causing the Titan team's failure to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

9. Steve finally gets his dance (Avengers: Endgame)

Following Tony Stark's memorial service, Steve Rogers sets off on what is intended to be a quick trip through time, to fulfill Bruce's promise to the Ancient One that the Infinity Stones they borrowed will be returned to their proper timelines. However, he causes a brief panic among the surviving Avengers when he fails to return at the expected moment. Sam discovers a now elderly Steve sitting on a nearby park bench. Instead of returning to his friends, Steve made the decision to travel back to the past and live out the life he'd always wanted with Peggy Carter, including a long overdue dance.

This ending is somewhat controversial, with many fans claiming that it was out of character for Steve to abandon his teammates. However, it is at least a happy ending for a character who undoubtedly deserved one.

10. Dancing Zemo (Falcon and The Winter Soldier)

During the events of the series Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Sam and Bucky are forced to break Baron Zemo out of prison for aid in tracking down the last remaining Super-Soldier serum. The mission requires a detour to the city of Madripoor, where Zemo is seen dancing when our unlikely trio visits a club.

Fans fell in love with the scene, which spawned countless memes and extended cuts, even an official version on the Marvel Entertainment Youtube channel. It remains a beloved moment in Marvel history.

Perhaps, if fans remember how to accept a quick, fun scene in the spirit it was intended, as in the above case with Zemo, She-Hulk's dance break with Megan Thee Stallion may be looked back upon more kindly in the future.

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