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10 Animated Disney Movies That Need A Live Action Remake

by Amara 11 months ago in list

By Dee Bradley

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Some of the recent live-action Disney remakes have had divise reviews. Let's be real...they're not always great. In my opinion, the best two remakes have been The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast. (Feel free to disagree just btw.) But I can't deny, most of the remakes have been a blast, and it's exciting to see new versions of your favorite childhood movies and to see what they are going to improve or do differently. Without a doubt, there are some animated movies that have potential to grow by having a redo. Now this will be a mix between movies from the Golden Age, Bronze Age, and Renisance films. Here are a few animated Disney features that I believe deserve live-action remakes, and I'll add my agruments as to why...

10) The Sword in the Stone

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

Of course, there have been many versions of the story of King Arthur from Monty Python's The Holy Grail, to Camelot, by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. But can we all just aknowledge that this animated film reached out to all of us in one way or another? It has everything we need; a hilarious, dope grampa (Merlin), a wise cracking owl (Archemedes), some catchy tunes, dark magic, and AMAZING comedic timing. Don't get me wrong, it did well at the box office. With a lifetime domestic gross of 22.2 million dollars. It has received quite a bit of praise over the years, but from my perspective, we need more disney films with young, vulnerable male protagonists, and from what I know, not a lot of young boys are watching this film. So what about a remake?! But seriously, young boys would definitely benefit from seeing themselves on the screen being vulnerable and small from the start and growing into a stong young man that is allowed to have emotions, talk about their feelings, and doubt themselves every once in a while. And on top of that, if they hire the right director the cinimetogrophy, costume design, and music would all be executed phenomenolly. Let's bring back the last animated feature film that Walt himself ever produced! What do you think? Who would you like to see Merlin?

9) The Black Cauldron

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

Oh poor Black Cauldron...It wasn't the cauldron's fault! This was the first big flop of the Bronze Age after Walt Disney passed away, losing roughly 20 million dollars at the box office. The creative team struggled with producing box office successes. (But we don't need to get into that whole story, we're here to be positive!) I truly believe that this was a fun, creative story. Again, if directed well, it could be SO COOL. Of course they would have to switch up the story line a bit to make it stronger, but just like The Sword in the Stone, it could have some intriguing Lord of the Rings type asthetics. If they follow the books more, by designing the characters closer to as they are written in the books, the plot wouldn't be as slender and the audience would be more engaged. But I gotta be honest...we need to keep the extremely scary, dark magic. It's the best part about the movie, like c'mon.

8) Meet the Robinsons

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

I think we can all agree that the futuristic predictions in the film are probably not going to be accurate at all in the year 2037. (But ya never know, guess we'll have to see.) But to me, the story was touching and brilliant. Here's my pitch...what if it was remade in the year 2037? That way they can mess around with whatever the technological culture will be like that year and make predictions for the year 2067? I personally think it's brilliant, but I'm biased because I, of course, came up with the idea. Seriously, if a producer reads this and wants to take credit for this idea, by all means take it! All I ask for is free movie tickets!

7) Pocahontas

*Property of Walt Disney Prictures*

Okay...okay...okay...this film has a lot of issues. I personally think the music is phenomenal, but the storyline is vastly innaccurate to the true story, and insensitive to the terrible events that actually happened to Pocahontas. It should have been written completely differently which is why I am adding it to this list. Little indigenous girls deserve to see themselves, singing their faces off to a beautiful song with a beautiful color palette with a story that accurately reflects and celebrates their heritage. The original film failed to do this. Imagine a version that could succeed. It could be stunning. With more historically accurate costumes, and more songs in the native Powhatan language, and other cultural adjustments (just like the new Mulan film), the writers could create a gorgeous film.

6) Treasure Planet

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

The main reason for this potential remake is the cinematography. Think about how cool all of the action scenes would be! The wind surfing scene? Marvelous! The boat scenes? Glorious! The whole futuristic/space theme would be stunning and intruiging with live actors. The second biggest reason is because it was, in some ways, snubbed. In the early 2000s, Disney still produced outdated technology that had lower quality animation. It had visually pleasing qualaties to it, but it still deserves better. With the technology that animators use today, the different creatures (basically the characters that aren't Jim), action scenes and moving space images would all seem so real. Fans who liked this movie as a child and then religiously watched Star Wars will love this movie again. With the right cast and the right creative team, it could be a masterpiece.

5) Oliver and Company

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

Can we just talk about this music for a second? This Oliver twist, (get it? Oliver TWIST? Nevermind.) sure had some funky tunes. It's just so underrated! With the incredible voices we have today in the industry, it could be the most played soundtrack in the country. Now I do have certain feelings towards using animals for live action films. They just don't always turn out great. With The Lion King remake, they tried to reproduce something that was already perfect and already had incredible success. There was really just no point if I'm being honest. I mean, I did enjoy it, but still. But to me, this film deserves WAY more attention. And come on, think about how absolutely adorable the little Oliver kitten would be! THE CHEEKS!

4) Hercules

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

I I really need to explain this one? I guess I'll just reiterate that Danny DeVito is getting old and we need to get a move on with this!

3) Atlantis

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

I heard rumors that they were planning on making a live-action remake of this animated film, but we still haven't heard an official announcement. I just truly believe that this film in underappreciated. It wasn't the biggest box office success, but it did decently well. And because I am me, I'll go all nerd on them and just help them with casting desicions; Cole Sprouse as "Milo" (duh), Michael B. Jordan as "Doctor Sweet", Zendaya as "Kida", and Dove Cameron as "Helga". What do you think? I personally would kill for this. What would your ideas be?

2) The Princess and the Frog

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

Number one reason for this remake of course; more representation! Personally I think there needs to be a sequel to this so she isn't a frog the whole movie. (You know what I'm talking about.) And there needs to be more black Disney princesses, but that's a different rant. I loved the jazzy tunes in this film. If they add in more music for Tiana to sing before and after she is a frog then she would be a human for more of the film. But I do have to point out one thing that could be tricky. As a person who is absolutely TERRIFIED of frogs, (laugh all you want) they would need to work extremely hard to make sure that the live-action frogs don't look creepy as hell. I do have faith, but I'd be nervous.

1) The Emperor's New Groove

*Property of Walt Disney Pictures*

Finally, we have, in my opinion, the greatest Disney film of all time. BUT, unlike The Lion King, it didn't do as well as planned. It was snubbed because of the success from Hercules and and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which just btw, almost made it to this list but it became a phenomenal stage musical so if that comes to your town in the future I would highly suggest going to see that). If they remake this film, but market it properly without any other films overshadowing it, it could truly become a box office success and Kuzco could possibly become an offical Disney Prince. That being said, if they do remake it, I really hope they don't change anything. Could you imagine if they took even a single one of those jokes out? Seriously what if they took out, "WRONG LEVAAAAAAA...Why do we even have that lever?" It could ruin the whole movie.

But anyways...regarless of how you feel about the live-action remakes, I would be so excited to see these. Also, I think they need more fan comsultants on set to correct a director when they make a stupid desicion. For instance; who's idea was it to make Rafiki squat at the beginning of The Lion King? Were they unaware of the iconic image of Rafiki lunging? Somebody really should have told them! What do you think?

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