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Wizard101: What We Hope For

by D. Lowe 17 days ago in mmo

By Danjo L.

If you are a veteran (like myself), newbie, or planning on coming back to Wizard101 than we have some interesting things to look forward to with this old MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Recently, if you've been keeping up with wiz news then you would know Kingsisle, who has been the sole owner of Wizards and sister game Pirate101 has been bought out by a company named MGI (Media and Games Invest). While there isn't much information released about what exactly they are going to do to the game here are three things I feel we would all like to see implemented. The first thing I feel we all want to see is making the game free to all players.

I've played this game almost since its release date back in September of 2008 and I always loved playing Wizard101 with my brother. If you ever played the game the loading music is just perfect for building up excitement and the thought of adventure. While the game was an enormous amount of fun growing up, sadly things took a turn for the worse as KI continued down the road of greed. Since its release back in 2008 this game has been a subscription based game. Capping all non-paying players off around level ten.

Now I know the membership is only ten dollars a month, but for most kids that is hard to come by, especially when parents know it is a subscription. If you have parents like mine who saved every penny good luck ever persuading them to put money down on a video game monthly. After all these years the game hasn't really aged to well compared to other children games such as Roblox or Fortnite and it is surprising to me they choose to still charge a subscription. For this game to continue to survive it is going to have to expand its player base and though they expanded onto Steam (another gaming platform used to increase the games reach) the only way to get more kids to play is to make the game 100% free to play.

I know doing this seems counterintuitive but, just like every other free to play game has shown, money will still pour in. With all the extra players on there will be more micro-transactions which will equal more money. The extra people playing will buy add-ons from the in game store to make their wizard stand out from the rest. Just like you see on Fortnite, skins and other cosmetics bring in a lot of money and they do this all without charging a subscription. There are so many other free games for kids to play a subscription based game isn't viable in terms of keeping player base up for a kids game. I myself having money now don't like the idea of spending it on a subscription because that's all I am willing to pay for then. If I have to pay for a subscription then I am not forking anymore money over on things I really don't need in the game such as cosmetics. The next problem I am going to touch on is making hit-all cards hit all the enemies at the same time!

If you play this game today this probably surprises you that after over ten years on the market they haven't improved this for all hit-all cards. Now for those of you who don't play a hit-all card does what it says, it hits all enemies. Why that sounds like it should be pretty cool it can be a headache real fast if you are playing the main storyline because you use your hit-all cards a lot and the animation replays for EVERY SINGLE ENEMY!

Now this may not seem like a big deal but if you are trying to get a good amount of leveling and questing done when a quest usually will ask you to fight multiple monsters at a time. What makes sense is to attack with your hit-all card because it saves time and pips (energy used to cast a card), however when you have to see HumungoFrog (a spell in the game) 10 times in a row that takes about half a minute to do its full rotation on enemies, it kinda kills your drive to quest for long periods of time. If they just changed all hit-all cards that would be very appreciated by us all.

The last problem I know we all hope to see is more valuable armor sets in the game for levels 50 plus. back in the day once you hit level 50 you got Malistaire's clothing and you were big dog pimpin. Now that gear is pretty much garbage and a lot of the gear from level 50 to 100 is, with the exception of Tricksy Set acquired from the Waterworks dungeon in Triton Avenue. This makes the game almost the same for everyone because everyone has the same gear with the exception of pets because unlike most things in wizards there is a wide variety of pets. So I hope this also gets fixed like the previous things I stated. I really hope you enjoyed my little Wiz rant and if you haven't tried this game out yet it is definitely worth the play, especially once the new company in command starts to make changes for the better.

D. Lowe
D. Lowe
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