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Why Rust is now getting toxic again.

by Aaron Blackburn about a month ago in pc

Ever since the top streamers started playing, more and more people are buying the game.

Now you may think that this is me overreacting about a survival game that is known as a kill on sight type of mindset, but I will explain why this has gotten more and more toxic ever since the streamers started playing the game.

Rust as you may know is a hardcore survival PVP/PVE game (all depends on the server you pick to play) that came out way back in late 2013. Rust was a very toxic game at the very start of the games life. Hackers and just toxic people in general started taking over every server that would be created and make the whole experience extremely unbearable and frustrating for most people. Over the years, more and more admins had put an end to all of those and banned most of the hackers and toxic players from their own server and that fixed that problem on the community and modded servers at the time.

Now years after the game has been released, well more like seven years now, these same toxic people are all returning to make Rust unbearable again. I have been on quite a few of different servers recently where the admin/owner of the server has deliberately trolled brand new players and led them to a trap base to just kill them or leave them in a room with no exit for them; since they only spawned with a rock and torch and that would never break down an armored wall. I took it upon myself as a veteran player to use my rockets to try to help these new players out, but of course the admin banned me right away from his server after that one.

On a brand new server, less than 3 hours old, a squad of 5 people somehow have gotten the best guns in the game and a bunch of rocket launchers. Most of those can only be crafted or if you are extremely lucky found in crates in the world, but the server was less than 3 hours old so I know they didn't find five rocket launchers and five or more assault rifles. I just kept to myself as I watched the kill chat fill up with more and more deaths from these people. It finally happened to me, these five people were spawned right into my base one after another and they just shot me dead and stole what little resources I had scrounged together to make my base livable. Admin abuse is becoming a big problem once again in a game that I have over 800 hours in.

Now if it isn't the admin abuse or toxic clans of players, its the new players that watched the streams and bought the game just to kill a bunch of people just for the fun of it. One of my most played servers was invaded by these types of players. The server I was on was a pvp server, but the 120ish of us that played that server the most made a little pact like deal that we will not just foolishly kill each other for no reason at all. We would only do pvp if someone was trying to steal/raid you, if you are at any monument or if you are going for an airdrop that wasn't called by a player. We played that server for months upon months before the streamers started playing the game and we all had a great time and became close friends and allies in the game. After the streamers started playing and everybody and their momma started buying the game, that's when our mostly peaceful server turned into a massive turd storm and these new players would kill anyone and anything in their sight just because they saw some streamers do that.

These same players would get extremely butthurt and toxic when we would form a small militia and whoop their little butts. They would scream in their mics about how they did certain things to our mothers (what are we in the early 2000's again?) They would scream and cry about being killed and they just started so we shouldn't be allowed to kill them and all that other whiney baby talk.

If you have picked up a copy of Rust and getting killed over and over again, just leave that server and find another one. There are literally thousands upon thousands of servers out there. Find a low pop pvp server if you hate getting killed so much or go to the pve servers. Pve servers are the best in my opinion, because that is where all the helpful players are that don't like grinding for hours just to be raided when they log off and lose everything. A lot of pve servers do have some type of pvp in them as well. Most of them will be pvp at monuments and at night, but youll also have to watch out for scientists and zombies in certain areas of the map, as well as a bradley and attack helicopter and a chinook helicopter that has a guy in the back that shoots at you as well.

Rust is a great game, but with all the publicity it is getting, its turning into a toxic hellhole once again and that's not going to be good for the longterm players like myself. We will hold out in our own little servers again and eventually these toxic players will just get tired of being a douche once again and leave. So for the meantime we will just try to stay away from these servers and let them fight with each other until they get bored and leave.

If you enjoy Rust, let me know in the comments and maybe will we find each other ingame some day. Until than, have a great rest of the day.

Aaron Blackburn
Aaron Blackburn
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Aaron Blackburn
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