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Why esports tournaments are flourishing in Singapore

Singapore's business center status helps any business grow

By Giorgi MikhelidzePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

eSports is the future of all kinds of sports. It may sound too unrealistic for some now, but there is growing evidence to support this statement, especially in Singapore. Today, many investors and businessmen think that expanding digitally engaged events is one of the smart decisions. Billions of people are engaged in the online gaming industry and “gamification” is becoming the new reality because there are people who are watching their favorite professional video game players playing their favorite games online. People are betting on their idols of gaming and this is becoming more and more engaging and popular. “Real” sports are still bigger than the online gaming industry called eSports, but some think that it may change in the future. A future holds different answers to the requirements of the fans of eSports. Maybe the future is already now? Because many supporters are finding themself searching for the best Singapore esports betting opportunities in 2020 and it is only the beginning of a whole new journey. Today, people don't want to only watch or listen, they want to be a part of the show, that is why they prefer to bet on their favorite games and gamers.

This is the billion-dollar industry. No one doubts that it is huge, but some have no idea how big it will be in the future. With the audience growing all the time, Singapore has been a part of this whole fuss. The country is one of the most popular after South Korea, North America, and China. Why? Because Singapore’s culture and the online gaming industry have many things in common. This is the nation that has a big number of professional eSports players and they all have nice jobs. All the eSports players in Singapore are very respected and they are treated so well that many people are considering giving up their 9 to 5 jobs and start gaming as a professional thing. The top players are earning millions of dollars each year and the government understands that they need to work on developing eSports in Singapore, because of annual income from it. And efforts are noticeable, the country is having more and more eSports public events. There are even more female players being in the center of attention because they would like to somehow balance the total scene of online gaming and make it more encouraging for everyone to just come unitedly and appreciate the show.

Why eSports is good for Singapore

It is a competitive video gaming that is rising in the whole world. Singapore is one of the places that are popular for the rapid growth of eSports in the country and it is very good news for the nation because the gamers who provide that great entertainment are also people who are receiving big money for being the gurus of the show and it is good for the country’s economy also.

A long time ago, gaming was called “A waste of time”, but it is beneficial for the countries for now. eSports is taking off and people are noticing that while playing they are dealing with unwanted stress more easily. Competitions can be stressful but peace of mind after playing comes and stays for a long time.

If you are a gamer in Singapore, and it brings you joy, you can make money from it. It also develops some of these skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Detail-oriented
  • Problem-solving
  • Strategy skill development
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Socialization
  • Connecting with friends

Over 280 colleges in the world are providing eSports scholarship programs. Players who are excellent, they have a higher interest in science, math, and technical engineering. These skills are helping the industries in Singapore to develop a healthy attitude towards players and respect them more. It is also stated that playing online video games while childhood can boost strategic thinking, partnership, guidance, presentation, performance skills, and confidence-building skills. The people who grew up watching eSports, now they can start considering what they want to do with all of that information. Some of them may even connect their life with eSports. They can work, play, or be a volunteer in that field. Singapore is an incredible place for talented gamers and everyone already knows it. Singapore is a small country but there is a lot happening there. People working in this industry can consider moving to Singapore and start enjoying the marketing, business, and social events of eSports.

Getting sponsors and investments in Singapore is a challenge but it is possible to manage that too. This country is start-up friendly and if someone has a nice idea they will help to make this idea come to reality.

In Singapore, eSports is on the rise and recent developments are also helping this industry to always grow. What does the eSports industry hold for this small country? More than anyone can imagine.


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