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Why Doom 1993 is the Best Game of all time!

Yes it really is the best

By The Sinister PenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Doom 1993 cover art

Let’s just be honest Doom is the best video game of all time. And in this written piece I am going to tell you why. First of all Doom is the king of first person Shooters. It is also the most scary game of all time. And I am not changing on my mind ever.

And yes I know a lot of people have only played the first Episode and they think it’s not that scary. But you have to play deeper into the 2nd and 3rd episodes to really know how scary Doom gets. Yes it’s from 1993. But it still kind of holds up today, as the best game ever made. I won’t give it all away. But the later levels do get a lot darker and more evil. Everything from the level design, and the music just gets very sinister. Doom will for sure scare you if you play it alone in the dark. And don’t you doubt that ever.

Another thing that makes Doom the best game of all time is that is really does keep the action going the whole time. If you play on the harder settings you are on low ammo with tons of monsters. And at times you need to use your fists to get more shotgun shells. It’s the thrill of being low on ammo, having to face tons of demons. And thinking you are going to die unless you are very resourceful. So things do start to get very interesting in the game, and the action is the best any game has to offer. 1993

I know a lot of Call of Duty, and Halo fans might not agree. But Doom is the greatest game of all time. And I am talking the 1993 Doom. The news ones are great, and the best of their time. But 1993 will always be the best and the most legendary game of all time. I do not think this is even up for debate at this point.

And yes by today’s the game might seem to a little retro. But it’s still the if best there was, and best there ever will be. But if you want to experience the game with a modern looks. Then try Brutal Doom, then you will truly see how great Doom is. Even though you don’t need this mod to see why Doom is the best game ever made.

Also wow now let’s talk about the music and soundtrack to Doom. It has some of the best and most classic music ever made. As as you get to the more creepy and darker levels, boy does the music start to get very spooky. I just love how scary things start to get in this game because of the great music.

The gun selection is also great in Doom. Everything from Rocket launchers to Plasma rifles start to get really awesome in this game. Oh and let us not forget the chain gun as well as the chainsaw. But hey even the fists and pistols are great when you are low on ammo, and they will get the job done.

Overall Doom is the best game ever no matter what. Another thing that makes this game the best is the level design. Most levels feel like a maze of death that is fun trying to escape while still staying alive. If you really want to play a games offers a good challenge then Doom is that game!

Also let us not forget the great monsters and demons in the game that pop out at you at every turn. Also the barons of all that offer plenty of jumps scares and intense battles are always a lot of fun in the game for sure. Doom truly is and will always be the greatest game of all time!

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