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Why do Swedes love casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses in Sweden

By Roger GustafssonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Sweden is a place where casinos have been celebrated for years. Probably, the first brick-and-mortar casino came in 1992. Even before millennials could play and wager on various games, Swedes had it in their passion. However, it took time for online casinos to build and supersede land-based casinos entirely - it commenced in 2002. People learned about the concept of online casinos and chose to play online. Precisely, the past ten years have been phenomenal in the growth of online casinos.

Bonuses that most players love

Unlike any other country, the question of casinos’ legality doesn’t come into the picture. But, over-regulation does. In 2019, a New Swedish Gambling Act came into force where online casinos faced a great disturbance. Maybe that might be the reason why many Swedes love casino bonuses. According to the New Swedish Gambling Act, a person can’t avail more than one casino bonus at a licensed casino. The single casino bonus can’t exceed SEK 100, and that’s the real disappointment. The other reason is the advent of coronavirus, as people didn’t have any other option than isolation. Whatever the reason might be, one thing never ceases to impress players, and that’s the bonuses. Below are some of the bonuses that most players love:

Welcome or deposit bonus

Casinos with Swedish licenses also have a welcome bonus that they give to the players at their first deposit. Perhaps, the amount can’t exceed SEK 100. On the other hand, a casino without a license also comes with this bonus. It is given at the time when a player joins the casino and initiates the first payment.

No-deposit bonus

You can only find one bonus per casino that holds the license from Swedish authorities. But, a person will not be limited to a single bonus at a casino without a license. You can find various bonuses at a single casino, and the no-deposit bonus is part of the same. The best part of a no-deposit bonus is that it doesn’t require a deposit. Rest other bonuses require you to initiate the first deposit to avail them. With no deposit bonus, you can directly avail of it with just registration. However, this bonus is not available at any Swedish licensed casino.

Free spins

Free spins are the most incredible bonus as it comes with great surprises because it doesn’t involve any monetary involvement. You can get from 100 to 500 free spins for a game. In this way, you stand a chance to earn more without even investing anything.

Zero or no wagering bonus

Usually, a casino comes with higher wagering requirements on every bonus, even 75X. In this way, a person even bears loss over his possible winnings. Also, it demotivates a player; hence, most of the casinos have come up with this concept. Under a no wagering bonus, a person is given a bonus such as free spin, cash bonus, etc., which doesn’t come with any wagering requirements.

Slot bonus

There is a massive prize pool that is given for many slot games. One needs to climb the ladder to avail of that prize; it is also termed a cash pyramid. The higher a person jumps, the closer he gets to the prize pool. This is the most common bonus that many offshore casinos give in Sweden. Also, you can find it at Swedish licensed casinos as well, but then, there won’t be any other bonus.

Weekly deals

Apart from all the bonuses mentioned above, a person also gets the chance to avail of weekly deals. There can be a 50% or 100% bonus on deposits. Suppose Joel chooses to make his second deposit at a casino without a license on Friday. He will get a second deposit bonus of over 50% or 100% on that Friday. Many casinos come up with various weekly bonuses.

Insured bets

As stated on, there are various casinos without a license that give you an option of insured bets. It acts similarly to any other kind or type of insurance. Your bets get insured, so there remains no risk factor. You can quickly receive the lost amount. However, you might not receive the small amount that you did pay for your insurance. Suppose you placed a bet for SEK 100 and paid SEK 10 for the insurance. If you lose the bet, you will only receive SEK 100, while SEK 10 will be kept for insurance.

Refer a friend

These kinds of bonuses have become a little uncommon. Perhaps, there are still many casinos without licenses that provide this type of bonus. Under this bonus, a person can receive a bonus such as cashback or an off. All you need to do is refer a friend to the same casino without a license. Mostly, it is given after the friend makes his first deposit.

Are these bonuses legal?

Yes, all of the above bonuses are legal. One can receive all of these bonuses from various casinos without licenses. However, for a casino that holds a Swedish license, it is not possible. As per the rules of the Swedish government, a casino with a Swedish license is only allowed to give one bonus per person.


Swedes love casino bonuses because it gives them a chance to play more without investing a lot of money. Also, it is a marketing gimmick that gives both the operator of the casino and user - a win-win situation.


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Swedish entrepreneur who is passionate about digital work. Runs several websites and has many years of experience in casino and iGaming.

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