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Why Do Kiwis Play Games for Real Money?

by Amy Wilson 3 years ago in feature
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What motivation stays behind people's willing?

Considered to be a popular recreational activity in New Zealand, gambling allows people to have an exciting time as well as to challenge themselves. This source of entertainment is divided into two categories including chance-based and skill-based that may require different motivation to play at both of them. In this practice of betting money, some people find that it is risky because the operators always make long-term profits and it often leads to harmful negative consequences.

Nonetheless, others find it as a solution to take a breather on their lives and why not making a living from special games? Anyway, people have their own arguments on gambling and choice to practice it or not.

3+ Main Reasons to Gamble

Undeniably, winning a huge amount of money in an exciting mood will stay a memorable experience. Some people often have an urge to wager in the hope to be wealthy as quick as possible whereas others choose to gamble for fun and amusement. The following are the main reasons to persuade people to gamble.

1. Incomes

As gambling involves the attempt to gain money by wagering games, sports, or uncertain events, some people always want to win more. This financial reason pushes them to register at the real money casinos or visit the gambling venues. In a gambling site, the gamblers are obsessed to earn big jackpot and stake on slots or other games. They often prefer Kiwi online casinos with low deposits and min amounts and make payments in the goal to become millionaires with just a click of a mouse. According to the survey conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, 46% of the participants visit or register at a casino or gambling site for incomes and the men are more likely than women. Children between 14 and 16 are interested in gambling in order to try to get winnings and to be more popular than the younger ones. Nonetheless, this financial reason will usually lead to gambling problems since losing cash push themselves into debt or seeking money. This is not only the case in New Zealand but in the whole world.

2. Entertainment

It is undeniable that we live in the world too busy with duties and work that we can’t escape. Who doesn’t want to have fun and feel happiness in this life? Finding entertaining activities is essential and some opt for gambling. As a matter of fact, gambling can provide excitement and thrilling that the players will never feel somewhere else. For example, they can open an account in an online casino and play their favorite games. Apart from the slots, many games can give an adrenaline rush pushing them to visit frequently the gambling venues. According to the statistics, 44% of the young gamblers spend their money on gambling for pleasure.

3. Others

It's better to give than to receive. This proverb persuades people to contribute to charities. The gambling charity is the solution for some to raise funds. Therefore, they try to gamble although they have never played at a gambling platform. If they are lucky enough and boost huge gains, they donate money to charity. Another reason to convince people to gamble is to meet new friends. Some players enjoy visiting a casino to hang out with their friends while they can meet other new people. Anyway, the casino is the best way to maintain a friendship by sharing laugh and joy.

Gambling Problems

The number of gambling issues has increased in many countries. Some people have already experienced problems related to this sector whereas others are at risk to develop one. The most common issue is gambling addiction known also compulsive gambling or gambling disorder. Controlling the addictive gambler is a real challenge because it requires four important things such as professional treatment, support from their families, patience, and a lot of courage.

Today, many regulators were launched to protect vulnerable gamblers from any gambling problems. These bodies have also the great role to prevent illegal and criminal activities related to this field. When it comes to the regulatory entity, the first thing that comes to mind is the powerful UK Gambling Commission. Moreover, some organizations or charities were also released to reduce gambling harms.


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