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What your League of Legends main role says about you

by Timmy Snow 2 months ago in esports

Does your LoL main say something about your personality?

What your League of Legends main role says about you

League of Legends is possibly the most popular e-sports game in the world. It also boasts a roster of 150 champions to choose from and play, at least at the time of my writing this. The game releases a new champion every few months, so the roster is constantly expanding. And while the specific kits the champions have are unique to that character, they also typically fall within a broader category of playstyle that helps them fit into the already established gameplay.

Specific roles are often broken down into even more specific roles. A Tank isn’t just a Tank, but also a Vanguard or a Warden, who have different functions in a team comp. These broad roles are often what appeals to our gaming sensibilities, and while you probably have a specific champion that you main because of their playstyle and/or aesthetic, chances are the other champs you enjoy are in the same or a similar class role. But what does that role say about you, personally?


Sona, Maven of the Strings

If you main champions like Janna, Lulu, or Soraka you main an Enchanter. Enchanters are most often played in the Support role, and they have spells and abilities that allow them to buff their allies or debuff their enemies. If you main an Enchanter, chances are you put your team before yourself. You don’t care as much about making big, flashy plays, but if your ADC or mid laner does you’re the one who’ll enable them to shine. While your contributions to your team's wins may not have been as visible as other champions, anyone who’s been saved by a Sona heal or Lulu ult knows the value of a good Enchanter. (And, fun fact, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mains Sona and enjoys Enchanters because of their support-heavy kits.)


Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

On the other end of the Support spectrum we have the Catchers. These are the aggressive Supports like Morgana, Zyra, and Pyke. Catchers support their allies by making kills easier, and some can even end up being carries themselves. People who main champions that fall under this role are likely to be more independent than their Enchanter siblings, and more interested in taking risks. Catcher supports are for people who want to make game-changing plays, like a Rakan who dives into an enemy team with his ult so his team can get some important picks during a team fight.


Sett, the Boss

Juggernauts are powerful melee combatants who can dish out as much punishment as they can give. If you main Darius, Garen, or Illaoi, you probably play like a Juggernaut. You most often find these characters in the top lane, where their powerful dueling potential makes trading with their opponents easier. People who main this class are independent and solitary. They like being alone in the top lane, farming until they can “come online” and force the entire enemy team to run away in fear during a team fight.


Vi, the Piltover Enforcer

These champions are melee combatants who excel in rushing down an enemy. You’ll find them in the jungle more often than not, as they’re typically tanky enough to solo their jungle camps but mobile enough to gank a lane when needed. These champions can often become carries, but unlike their Juggernaut counterpart they don’t typically have the early-game duel potential. People who main these champs are perceptive, always looking for that opening in a lane they can get a kill or two off of. They’re also daring, and I feel Divers are the junglers most likely to invade the enemy jungle than any other champ.

Burst Mage

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Annie, Ahri, and Syndra fit into the Burst Mage category. When these AP champs are able to combo their abilities they can chunk their target’s health if not outright kill them. Their weaknesses, however, are their reliance on their abilities, and a Burst Mage whose spells are all on cooldown is a very vulnerable target. If you main a Burst Mage you’re probably a methodical person, looking for just the right moment to outplay your opponent or make a calculated pick in a team fight. You like playing the mind game in League more than the mechanics (though, you likely still enjoy both).


Ryze, the Rune Mage

Tanky Mages who are more likely to be on the front line of the team fight than the back, Battlemages rely on steady damage or specific set-ups to kill their opponents. Swain, Vladimir, and Cassiopeia are considered Battlemages, and if their opponent can’t burst them down quickly they’re likely to lose their fights against them. If you main a Battlemage you’re probably a bit of a diva, but why shouldn’t you be? Battlemages who fall behind can still be major threats, and your team needs to understand how to capitalize on your plays and protect you when you’ve been targeted by the enemy team.


Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux, Xerath, and Ziggs are all Artillery mages. These mages like to play from a distance, poking their enemy until they can take more decisive action. Because they often have strong area of effect spells they are invaluable in team fights. People who main Artillery champions are probably a bit timid. They like knowing they can be safe on the backline, and just farm during the laning phase while they poke their opponent out of lane. They don’t enjoy intrusions into their space, and nothing is more aggravating to them than a successful tower dive. Given their many stuns, slows, and roots, though, tower diving an Artillery Mage is inadvisable.


Varus, the Arrow of Retribution

Fragile champions who, when properly outfitted, can deal tremendous damage with their auto-attacks. Ashe, Draven, and Jinx are among these health bar decimating champions. Marksmen are the most common champion in the bottom lane, usually with a Support champion to help them stay alive and get kills. While they can typically be bursted easily, a fully built Marksman can carry late game with their high auto-attack damage. People who play Marksmen are patient people, willing to put the effort in before their character really comes online. On the other side of the coin, the Marksmen mains are the ones most likely to become aggravated when their aggressive tactics lead to their loss. But, in that case, it’ll be their support’s fault somehow.


Talon, the Blade's Shadow

Like Burst Mages, Assassins are lethal champions who look to quickly burst down an opponent. But while most Burst Mages lack mobility options, Assassins have high mobility that allows these melee killers to get in range of their opponents and take them by surprise. If you main an Assassin like Zed, Akali, or Fizz, you’re probably really into making flashy plays that leave your opponent stunned. It’s one thing to get a kill on your opponent, it’s another entirely to do so in style. Mastering these champs requires a lot of practice, but once you’ve got them down you become one of the scariest forces on the Rift.


Yone, the Unforgotten

Fiora, Jax, and Yasuo are among these champions. Skirmishers are excellent duelists who take advantage of their opponent’s misplays and have powerful tools to help them in battle. A Skirmisher can easily become an attack damage carry, like a Marksman, given enough items. People who main Skirmishers are similar to people who main Assassins, they like to make their plays flashy. However, their team fighting capabilities mean they’ll get even more limelight than their stealthy cousins. I mean, have you ever seen a Fiora 1v5? It’s calculated, precise, and absolutely terrifying if you’re not on the same team as her.


Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard

Tanks who want to start fights are known as Vanguards. Amumu, Leona, and Malphite are some of the notable members of this classification. Vanguards can take a beating, and they use their powerful defenses and crowd-control abilities to give their team the advantage in a fight. People who main a Vanguard are people who enjoy controlling the flow of battle. It’s not enough to keep their teammates safe, they also want to make sure the enemy team is destroyed. Squishy backlaners think they’re safe? The Vanguard will walk through all of your abilities and stun you so their carry can finish you off, and they’ll still walk away with half their health.


Taric, the Shield of Valoran

The tanks who focus less on killing, and more on defense, Wardens have abilities that protect their team from harm or help disengage. Braum, Taric, and Poppy are Wardens, and people who main Wardens are the best kind of people. They’re the ride-or-die champions of Runeterra, mostly because if their disengage didn’t work already and their carry is dead they’re likely following soon after. People who main Wardens know this already and still do their best to keep their team safe. Ever see a Braum jump on their Carry after a bad decision, only to die while the Carry gets out with barely any health? Ride-or-die, baby.

And that’s all the recognized roles in League of Legends! I feel obligated to point out that, while champions are typically designed with a certain role in mind, they’re not always played so straight. My main, Ahri, is classified as a Burst Mage, but with the right build she can be an Assassin, a Catcher, an Artillery, etc. Build diversity is one of the best parts of League of Legends, and playing a character in an off-meta role can be supremely satisfying, so don’t feel boxed in by a character’s classification.

Timmy Snow
Timmy Snow
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