What's So Great About Video Games?

What exactly is the big hullabaloo with them?

What's So Great About Video Games?

Video game are beloved by millions of people all around the world. So, what makes them so popular? Many believe that video games are damaging to the brain, which to an extent, may be true. But those who love video games use them as a favorite hobby to pass time.

Video games and virtual reality simulations are one of the most popular past times for millions around the world. Many use video games to escape to another world. Much like books are to bookworms. Being able to escape to another reality or world helps so many people. Gamers and non-gamers alike use video games to escape from struggles from the real world like stress.

Some who suffer from depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses rely on video game as a pick-me-up. Also, those who are disabled or sick play them for the exact same reasons. In video games you get to be someone completely different than who you are in reality. Being able to be someone you dream of becoming, someone you hope you can be to some aspects. Like a warrior or a healer in some games which in real life could be compared to nurses, doctors and those who fight to protect our country.

For example, those who lack any confidence can gain some when immersed in the world of the video game they are playing. Some use video games as an outlet to help with anger or sad feelings. It gives them a distraction from those thoughts even if only for a small amount of time. I know for me personally that when I play a video game I get sucked in after a while and I forget about what I was stressing about or sad about and just focus on the game I’m playing. It really helps when you’re having the lowest of days and want to do absolutely nothing or talk to anyone. You become that character and just forget about things and are able to get in a better headspace.

Shooting games aren’t the main ones where you feel like a different person but for some that may be different. Each person is different when it comes to playing a video game. But in general, those kinds of games are mainly used as a distraction to pass time. The type of games that could be classified solely on being someone else in game would be RPGs which stands for "Role Playing Games." An example of such a game would be Guild Wars 2 which is a very popular RPG Online Multiplayer game. GW2 is much like World of Warcraft or League of Legends to some extents. You can choose your own character and follow a storyline while getting to do quests with other players who are also online.

There are so many types of video games that you can choose from to play besides RPGs and first-person shooters. Puzzles, cooking games and card games could also be a favorite to pass some time and distract your wandering mind. Older audiences (some, not all) don’t understand or like the thought of video games. They think they are toxic to the mind and a bad influence. Which for some it may be true but in a whole I personally believe that they are not.

It is always good to take breaks while playing video games so you’re not staring at a bright screen for long periods of time which could damage your eyes. Being mindful of your eyes and not getting stiff sitting or lying in one spot for long periods of times is always a good thing to keep in your thoughts. Resting your eyes and stretching are key things to remember. Take a short break and get something to eat to refill your energy.

If you like to game and it makes you happy and someone tells you that it’s dumb or you shouldn’t be doing it, don’t let those kinds of people make you feel terrible for doing something you love. Don’t ever let what someone says get to you. Keep doing what you love to do and be happy while doing it if it makes you feel good.

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Kelsie Tyler
Kelsie Tyler
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