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What's New in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty?

Diamond Dynasty is the ultimate team game mode in the MLB The Show series.

By Claus OliverPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Diamond Dynasty has been part of the MLB The Show series for many years, and we can experience the same mode in The Show 23. Now that the information about MLB The Show 23 has been released, here we will introduce you to the 10 new features of Diamond Dynasty.

In the years since Diamond Dynasty was added to MLB The Show, players' expectations for this mode have been growing. The developers have also been investing more and more in this mode, which has led to many new features in Diamond Dynasty in The Show 23. Here are some of the major changes to Diamond Dynasty in MLB the Show 23.

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What is Diamond Dynasty?

Diamond Dynasty is the ultimate team game mode in the MLB The Show series. It's similar in many ways to Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, Madden 23, and NHL 23, but Diamond Dynasty embraces the essence of baseball and tends to be smoother than any of EA's iterations of the game mode.

Players playing the game receive new card packs containing cards featuring baseball stars from the past and present, but these virtual decks also often draw on classic card art from some of the most flamboyant baseball decks ever created.

The mix of classic card art with other modern designs provides a unique balance as you work to unlock new players and round out your Diamond Dynasty lineup.

Sets & Seasons in Diamond Dynasty

The biggest change to this mode is the introduction of Sets & Seasons, a feature detailed in a live stream from the developers not too long ago, which they consider to be the biggest change to Diamond Dynasty.

Thanks to the implementation of Sets & Seasons, the Wild Card slot has been introduced in Diamond Dynasty. This means that you can put a player from any Set on your side, even if that Set has rotated and is no longer in season. The first season will feature the first set and "core" players. These core cards can be used throughout the year in the new format, but the different cards will rotate over time.

Sets Across DD

The new setup system and lineup restrictions will apply to most major modes of Diamond Dynasty. Ranked seasons, some events and conquest maps will change their rules, while mini-seasons are currently unknown. There will be no changes to Battle Royale, which will keep the same system of forming a team and having them play at a perfect 12-0.

Designated hitters and two-way players

While the new MLB rules about shift limits and pitching times are unclear now, the generic DH is fading for the Diamond Dynasty as the use of two-way players is improving. Full two-way player integration will also be implemented in Diamond Dynasty. Players like Shohei Ohtani can start as a pitcher and DH, or do both at the same time. Two-way players used to be limited to relief appearances, but now they have the name of the two-way player under the position on their player card.


Captains is a new card series with a unique ability. This skill will change levels depending on how your team is built. Each team can have up to two Captains: a batsman and a pitcher. Only one Batting Captain and Pitching Captain can be active on the field at a time; any other members of your team will only count as regular players.

Ranked Co-op Rewards

The 2v2 and 3v3 co-op modes add new incentives for players to earn rewards for their ranking ladders. It has the same squad-building system as the other game modes, including captains. Your rating in the rankings will be separate from the "single-player rankings". Players can now earn World Series rewards by ranking in single-player and co-op seasons and earn rewards in a regular progression.

Program Rewards & Looping Rewards

Diamond Dynasty now has "Unlimited Program Rewards". In years past, ending a feature program lacked the motivation to play to a certain level. Looping Rewards have different tiers on the board, including Silver, Gold, and Diamond Rewards. The better the reward, the lower the chances of being pulled.

Now we can pre-order MLB The Show 23, by pre-ordering we can get early access to the game and also get MLB The Show 23 Stubs rewards.


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