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What is Big Time NFT game, and why is it so popular

by banaras chowk 2 months ago in real time strategy
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In this review, we will tell you all that you want to be aware of this phenomenal game here. Peruse this article till the end without skipping anything, so you figure out the limitless explanations behind the prominence of this game.

Are you looking forward to knowing about big time nft game? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. In this write-up, we will let you know everything you need to know about this fantastic game here. Read through this article till the end without skipping anything, so you find out the unlimited reasons for the popularity of this game.

What is a Big Time NFT Game?

For those new to this game, you need to know the very basics of it first. Big Time NFT Game is an RPG action game that permits its users to take part in joining the teams, killing monsters, and search for loot. The game provides excellent in-game items like customized personal tools and clothes.

Here the players have the chance to personalize their time machine and gather NFTs for the time when a team achieves an in-game feat. The plot gives an appealing narrative where players with their team go on a mission to fight famous ancient figures and reveal a mysterious threat that causes harm to the in-house gaming world.

Not long ago, the game Studio's successfully gathered funding of $21 million to incorporate NFTs into the gaming economy. With this success, the company is ready to link the soaring NFT sector with the famous gaming domain to improve user activity and help mainstream crypto integration in gaming.

History of Big Time

Like numerous other blockchain games, Big Time’s devs intended players to have fun with their friends and enjoy this impressive gameplay while developing via the game without wasting money. The game’s dev team is linked with some big names in the gaming industry. The founding team includes Ari Meilich, Thor Alexander, and Matthew Tonks. Big Time’s BETA version has also been planned to introduce sometime this year, but before that, interested users are supposed to purchase passes to gain access to the game.

What Makes Big Time NFT a Popular Choice?

A couple of things make this game one of the best nft game choices for many users. Are you wondering what they are? Check out the following details to know better.

1). An Appealing Art Style

The primary and foremost thing about the fame of this game is that its website has a visual list of characters. The graphics for surfaces and tools are awe-inspiring. There are photos of various characters in numerous places in the game, which give visitors a taste of what they can think of in terms of high-quality graphics when they decide to play Big Time. Players who have early access have also released some video clips that show the outstanding quality of the pictures in motion.

2). An Active Player Base

Another attractive feature of Big Time is its setup which is multiplayer. Here, players can group up in teams of up to six people. Because of the game's amazing perks and the players' skills to participate in larger groups, the game's active player base will continue to grow with time.

3). Professional Team

One glance at the Big Time team is enough to have an idea and to set high expectations. The Big Time Studios team includes industry veterans such as Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Epic Games. Many team members have been significant contributors to multiple top-rated gaming franchises. By working side by side, the Big Time Studios team’s goal is to link everyone's power to make powerful gameplay that modifies the gaming standards. The game also brings experience in technology, digital art, finance, business, operations, and a lot more.

4). Vault Technology

The studio's extraordinary Vault Technology allows gamers to play without a crypto wallet. Players can make investments and sell or purchase Big Time NFTs in the game. With this technology, players don't have to worry about costly on-chain transactions and fees. This is a huge perk as the technology is patented, and Big Time Studios holds a unique competitive benefit.

Categories of Big Time NFTs

The following NFT categories are available on Big Time, so have a look.

1). Time Warriors

These tanks take the brunt of the enemy's attacks, so your other teammates can be safe. They have a special buff that improves the other players' HP within their range and recovers a section of it every time they get hit. Time Warriors also boast the most significant potential damage, and it's suggested that you have at least one in your party.

2). Chronomancers

The chronomancers are from the mage class that deals with various enemies at one time. Their attacks deal harm over time and slow down opponents within a particular radius so your allies can attack with safety or keep themselves safe from their attacks. They also deal with long-range attacks that can increase harm, but the downside is that their defense is very low, so they have to be safe from frontline troops such as Time Warriors.

3). Quantum Fixers

Quantum Fixers are the game’s healers and do skills that can increase the attack, their speed, magic damage, mitigation, cool down reduction, and energy regeneration of their allies. They can also lessen the opponents’ evasion, dodging, and blocking rates so their allies can manage the harm to their teams without any trouble. These can also revive and heal all allies within a particular range, so make sure that you’ve got at least one fixer on your team when you are in high-level dungeons.

4). Shadowbladers

Shadowbladers are just like ninjas and emphasis dealing high harm within a short span of time. They also have particular expertise that improves their melee damage, killing opponents with a single strike. This warrior class also boasts the fastest speed in the game, letting them scout the whole area and end objectives quickly.

The only caveat is that they do not have an extreme defense, so you should be careful while using them. Apart from their collection value, Big Time tokens can also be utilized to buy ultra-rare and exclusive NFTs within the game, increasing crafting time and fixing damaged and depleted stuff.


To conclude, there is no doubt about the fact that Big Time is one of the most popular NFT games these days, and one can make the most out of it if one knows about the plot and basic things related to it. We hope this article will be of enough help for you to learn about the necessary things related to the game. Let us know in case you need any further help in regard to the Big Time gameplay.

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