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What are the rules of online roulette?

by Oliver Moore Spin-Paradise 2 months ago in how to
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Online roulette games are no different from ring games in land-based casinos. However, as with any type of game, there are rules. In online casino roulette, the principles change depending on the variants. In addition, there is a wide possibility of tricks to use to win parts of the game. Among other strategies, you have the Marginal bet and the odds. Find out here the rules of online casino roulette.

What are the rules of online roulette?
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The different rules of online roulette according to the variants

Want to win the best ways at roulette and wondering how to do it? It is essential to know the rules in online casino roulette .

European roulette rule

In the European roulette rule, which is also the most specific, the wheel generally has 37 spaces. These are all numbered from 1 to 36 in addition to the famous green box 0. This variant is distinguished from the American one by the absence of the double zero box and the non-possibility of betting on the first 5 numbers.

American roulette rule

The American roulette rule is close to that of Europe. However, there are some clarifications that need to be made. In the United States, the game has 38 squares instead of 37. The additional square generally called the double zero 00 is also green . The particularity with this variant is that you lose all your stake if the ball were to stop on this box.

English roulette rule

It is almost identical to the European rule. However, the difference comes from the number of players which is limited to 7. In addition, each of them benefits from tokens of a different color which have a fixed value . In addition, the option "put in prison" is absent with this variant.

Moreover, apart from these different rules, you can also use loss reduction strategies.

Loss Reduction Strategies: The Marginal Bet

There are several strategies to play and win at roulette, but the one most appreciated by players remains the Marginal Bet system .

The Classic Marginal

This method is used by players to compensate for hidden losses during a bet. This is done by doubling the amounts wagered on subsequent rounds with each lost bet. To be sure of winning, it would be necessary to have the possibility of unlimited play, which obviously has consequences. You will need a substantial budget. Indeed, it is a limited marginal. You have to double the bet on each move when you lose twice the initial one.

The great marginal

It should be remembered that this marginal has the same consequences as the classic one. It is even more limited by the bets the player can make. If you lose three times, you will have to play 15 times your stake before that of the next move.

Marginal d'Alembert

The basic strategy of Marginal d'Alembert is based on the idea that some players are able to deceive chance. They do it with a system very little known to the public. Thus, they manage to win in the game. Indeed, this strategy consists of increasing the bet by one unit in a loss. In the same way, the d'Alembert marginal helps to reduce a bet after a win.

Other strategies that can also help you win games are:

  • the American marginal;
  • the serrated marginal;
  • the marginal whittacker

It should be remembered that these are techniques developed to reduce losses in games.

The probabilities

Apart from the Marginal bet, you can use other tricks to easily win at online roulette. Use odds if you always want to win at roulette. Indeed, it can be very frustrating not to receive gains up to your expectations. Fortunately, it is possible to increase your odds of winning at roulette. Following the idea of ​​probability roulette therefore amounts to maximizing your chances of winning using mathematical data . If you plan to bet using this system, be sure to start from the table's minimum bet.

Then you have to take into account the type of bet, the variant chosen and the payout rate for the various probabilities. Specifically, note that the roulette probability strategy is more dependent on the bet being made. However, it should be remembered that the bet that pays the most is the full number, but with a 1 in 37 chance of winning.

Ultimately, there are several rules and strategies that you can use in online casino roulette . However, note that the type of strategy to implement depends largely on the variant on which you play.

Find a free online roulette platform with no download

Games from online casino platforms are increasingly popular with young people, but also older people. At the same time, this trend is also not that surprising. Why ? With a drastic drop in the purchasing power of French men and women of all ages, all means are good to live better.

While some people will invest their savings in gold, in the stock market, or in real estate, some will go to online casino platforms in order to be able to raise money while being able to play online roulette. . Indeed, this casino game is very popular both in everyday life and in physical casinos, but also in online casino platforms.

However, before you jump straight into playing online roulette without practice, we would advise you to spend some time learning the rules and some techniques that will allow you to collect a lot more money. Indeed, with a little knowledge of the rules and techniques developed for online roulette, you will indeed be able to have very large sums in the space of a few days.

A long apprenticeship to maximize your earnings

As you will have understood, before embarking on your journey, you must have all the chances on your side. To do this, we recommend that you go to specialized websites for beginner roulette games. These are very simple and will allow you to carry out your first rounds of roulette online.

Thereafter, once you have understood the different rules and learned certain techniques, the time will have come for you to take action. Register on an online casino platform to play roulette online. Once on the casino game, you will only have to scrupulously apply the rules as well as the different techniques that you may have learned during your apprenticeship. And, it will pay off since you will be able to constantly collect fresh money, so you can indirectly play online roulette for free without having to touch your starting bet.

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