'Watch Dogs': Is This My New 'Driver' Series?

Looks like Driver… feels similar to Driver… has some developers that worked on Driver… it must be?

Some footage of me playing San Francison on my newbpcsir channel.

Being a “90s kid,” I got the original PlayStation (aka PS1) as a gift and grew up with classic titles. These titles ranged from Crash Bandicoot to Destruction Derby as well as Spyro and Rally Cross. However, it wasn’t until my pre-teens (the PS2 already out at the point) that I discovered Driver.

What initially drew me to Driver was two things: cars and how destructible they were. Things that I also loved about Destruction Derby. Which should come as no surprise as they were both developed by Refections (now known as Ubisoft Reflections).

The fact that I could drive around freely in “Take A Ride” mode in decent size cities was a thick-layered icing on the cake. Plus, being a more “family friendly GTA” made it an ok game to have running when my parents walked by. However, I only played Take A Ride at those points… I played Undercover when they weren’t home… I know, I’m such a bad kid. Not that anything is wrong with Undercover, you do the same fun things (go here, follow that guy, destroy that guy, scare this guy with crazy driving, etc.). It’s the cutscenes is where things get slightly nasty; some violence here and there, rare mild language, you know… T-rated game stuff.

Then, I hoped onto Driver 2. Just the additional abilities of walking on foot and stealing other cars was an absolute game changer in Take A Ride. Finding all the secret cars was fun, but I had more fun driving larger vehicles and causing massive traffic pile-ups (literally, piled and squished cars together). Undercover was neat as well, although I mostly rushed it so I could unlock the last two cities on Disc Twi. Of all the time I spent on Driver, I easily wasted five times as much time in Driver 2.

Later installations in the series were fun, but this is when Driver and GTA were becoming less indistinguishable. Don’t get me wrong, I looked forward to Driv3r; even had the bumper sticker that came with my Driver/Driver2 double game case. Sadly, at this point, GTA: San Andreas offered more. Driv3r was just Driver… but with guns and better graphics. Driver: Parallel Lines was a neat concept (going from 1976 to 2006), but I never really completed that game either… mostly just ended it all, mashed in cheat codes and destroyed the city with my god mode and unlimited ammo. Driver: San Fransisco was fun… I did like the selection of cars… but… now it was Driver (as in Driver 1) with this car teleporting feature because… Tanner is now a coma-inducted, car-jacking ghost?

Going to Watch Dogs

Stumbling upon Watch Dogs, I was slightly intrigued at first. Once I caught wind that the same dev team from Reflections is working on it… my full attention was diverted to this game. Finally diving into it, I was home. Sure, it was really similar to GTA. Sure, it didn’t follow Tanner anymore. Those things didn’t matter anymore… because this was a cool, fresh idea. The whole hacker concept really drew me in because of my full-time IT job along with my interest in near-future/sci-fi stuff. That familiar destructibility of vehicles soothed my Driver itch. Overall, I love this game and I’m still playing it today.

I know what you’re thinking; you haven’t even played Watch Dogs 2 yet?!? Legion is out now as well! Hold up. I’m also poor, as in I don’t have much spare income floating around currently. I’ll get to those when I have time. For now, I’ve found my new Driver home and I’ll definitely be staying for a whole.

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James Crawford
James Crawford
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