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Video games that changed the world

by Giorgi Mikhelidze about a year ago in feature

Who said games aren't art?

Games are an integral part of the entertainment culture, just like any film or book. Perhaps even more, given the growth of the market. Call of Duty's annual releases are a real event. At the time of its release, millions of people take a vacation, open a pack of chips, take out of the refrigerator soda and immerse themselves in hostilities.

Wii Sports, Fortnite, Pokemon GO - some projects reach such insane heights that they are heard even on TV and on the street.

All this only scratches the surface of how much the games have penetrated into the public consciousness. However, it's all more about popularity. But what about influence? What games have changed our lives so that the past will never be the same? That's what we'll talk about.

Metal Gear Solid - acting and cinematography

Did any of you play the first Metal Gear Solid when it first came out? It was amazing. As with Final Fantasy VII-IX, people just had their jaws dropped. It didn't matter that the characters barely had animation, and the faces themselves were assembled in a bunch of pixels that nodded from time to time, mimicking the movements of the mouth. It was a real game film.

Since then, the developers have looked at the world of games in a different way - camera work, composition, acting, script - everything began to matter. Hideo Kojima discovered the whole world in the form of the concept of "game as a movie."

His name rattles all over the planet, Kojima is without any sarcasm called a genius. Even Timur Bekmambetov noticed the talent of the maestro! What else can I say - Kojima is a genius!

World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, Everquest - contribution to the genre MMO

To be honest, it's hard to single one MMORPG that changed the world. But if you stop for three, I choose Ultima Online, Everquest, and World of Warcraft. They did what people could only dream of reading fantasy books.

The idea of an open world was realized in the incredibly early stages of the life of the gaming industry. Many of the mechanics embodied in these games are used in many other MMO projects to this day.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, there was a history. Square Enix watched the development of the genre and in 2002 released Final Fantasy XI Online. And the game was released even on PlayStation 2. So it was the first console MMORPG in the open world. If we talk about more experience, the console pioneer was Phantasy Star Online (2000) for Sega Dreamcast.

But hardly anyone will argue that the greatest impact on gaming was World of Warcraft. In 2009, the peak online was in the region of 10 million players! And all this fun for a very expensive monthly subscription. The game has become an example for many games of the genre, and so far no project has been able to come close to the success of WoW.

And what impact the game had on the players themselves, how many people found each other in the online world does not need to be explained.


The genre of the Royal Battle should not be underestimated. Until a few years ago, no one heard about it, and now every publisher is trying to introduce the popular mode in its game.

The story of the Royal Battle begins with popular mods for Minecraft and ARMA 2 in early 2010. But if you go deeper, something similar can be called Bomberman, which was created back in 1990 - where players collected various items and tried to blow each other, and always won the last survivor.

The idea of the Royal Battle is very solid presented by the series The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence in the title role. Then followed the already mentioned fashions and rang the first bell in the form of mobile Btooom Online.

Super Mario

It's hard to overstate the complexity of 3D programming.

Now we take it for granted, but programmers have gone through a real hell and experimented a lot in games like Star Fox or Mario Kart on SNES. Only then did Nintendo open the gates to the world of 3D with a fully formed Mario 64.

More broadly, Mario 64 has helped endless designers understand the movement in three-dimensional space, creating a generation of people who now occupy key positions in film studios and technology industries around the world.

Space Invaders - The Invention of The Curve of Complexity

The idea of complexity, when the hellish creation of developers challenges you, initially comes from slot machines. The more difficult the game, the more attempts had to spend - and, accordingly, money. But why does it even matter? Why is complexity so closely related to video games?

In the years before the arcade boom of the early 1980s, programmer Tomohiro Nishikado worked hard to create Space Invaders. It was with him that the fashion began to insert into the game a curve of complexity.

He had to create custom equipment using imported microprocessors from the United States. One day, Tomohiro noticed that when creating the mechanics of alien movements, the processor slows down and that the faster aliens are destroyed, the faster the device visualizes them. This glitch has served to create what we today call "complexity choice."


Giorgi Mikhelidze

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