Unpopular Opinion: Creative games are better than violent games

Minecraft vs call of duty gamers

Unpopular Opinion: Creative games are better than violent games

I guess you could say majority of people enjoy games with a lot of ways to die or to survive, such as guns games. These particular types of games are high rated which is expected because of the violence. On the other hand I prefer and enjoy games that require a lot of brain power, because i can use my imagination. Don’t get me wrong, I also like survival video games but as I said I do prefer games like Minecraft and Virtual villagers. Let me explain why. These games are fun and include creating and building most of anything you put your mind to.

Minecraft for instance I enjoy the most because you can use your imagination doing just about anything you set your mind to in creative mode. Minecraft also has a survival mode part of the game which is the best of both worlds without the terrible game rating. In this mode you can play and build with anything you want (if you have the materials). You’re able to create things on a crafting table which makes it that much more challenging, verses creative mode you can grab what ever you need. So as I explained, Minecraft isn't just a creative game it's a survival game too, that's why I like it so much. I’ve explained how you can choose a game mode creating the “danger” thrill you may be looking for along with the brainy side of it all.

This has definitely been a unpopular opinion amongst peers of mine because lot of them prefer the violent gun games and not creative games like myself. I can only suggest from my observation that the scare and thrill aspect in those types of games is why they might like/prefer them more so. If you’re a parent or even a kid like myself, I just want to make you aware by my unpopular opinion that you should know those games are not good for your imagination in my opinion. Maybe some will disagree but that’s why I’m here right? To cause somewhat a difference in opinion?

Video games can be one of the best entertainment for kids, but some games are not very healthy for our brains in early ages. Hence why they have age restrictions that’s nobody follows. The violent games games are some of the most sought after games to play. Kids have grown up to showing violence they have taken from a game. It’s very important if you’re a parent to keep watch of your child’s behavior patterns after buying them any new game, but especially the ones on the violent side. It’s just no secret that everything in life has a different cause and effect such as video games. It could have no effect at all but for some, a not so positive influence for your child’s brain. Some kids become even obsessed with them they start to yell at there parents just because they told them to stop playing. This very behavior can happen with any game but has been known to happen with the game fortnite that is so popular nowadays. As a gamer, it’s a very addicting game to some kids and especially teens. Along with fornite, Call Of Duty as well is a game you should only provide to an age appropriate person. Again, if you do decide to go against the warnings, please keep watch on your child’s behavior. Not all video games are bad for kids and that’s why I prefer the brainy games that I do because they have shown to be a positive for growing kids. All and all this is just my unpopular opinion at the end of the day. Be aware, be vigilant, and be active in your child’s life.

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