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Ultimate Clash Royale Void Guide with 3 best Decks

Dive into the mechanics of Clash Royale's Void Spell, a game-changer for both offense and defense, reshaping strategic approaches in the arena.

By MUhammad AwaisPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Void Spell Mechanics and Attributes

The Void Spell card was just released in May by Clash Royale developer Supercell. This rare card costs only 3 Elixir and has quickly become a buzzword in the game. This spell, once it is turned on, creates a dark circle that lasts for five seconds on the battlefield. In this time frame the explosion releases three weakening spheres with the effect of destroying the enemy's troops and buildings within its radius.

The more the number of units in the spell's area of influence, the higher the damage is, thus making it an exceptionally good choice against packed troop units or high-value targets. Void takes anywhere from a few days to a month to unlock, so if you are curious or want to experiment with this card early on, you can purchase it using Clash Royale gems by unlocking Clash Royale magical chests.

If you're a beginner with under 1000 trophies, you cannot unlock the Void card, even with gems, as the Void is an Epic card that is unlocked from the Miner's Mine (Arena 15). However, there are Clash Royale accounts for sale on U7BUY if you want to play with it. Go check it out!

Key Attributes of the Clash Royale Void Spell

● Elixir Cost: 3

● Card Rarity: Epic

● Card Type: Spell

● Card Arena: Miner's Mine

● Card Type: Spell (Rare)

● Effect Radius: The variable is interpreted as the number of units an enemy has concentrated.

● Damage Mechanics: Produces three energy boosts; the more enemies are left in the zone, the more the damage is increased.

Tactical Uses and Synergies of Void in Clash Royale

The Void Spell works to its best when it is used against an army of enemies or during a big push against the enemies. Its feature of being capable of destroying a large amount of damage makes it the strongest to fight against closely packed formations.

Community Reception and Meta Impact on the Release of New Void Card

Since its release, the Void Spell has become a source of interest and inventive play in the Clash Royale community. It redesigned lots of players' views on Clash Royale deck building and battle strategy, thus making control-focused and area-denial CR decks special. Its impact is more noticeable in the case of matches against the usual beatdown and swarm setups, which forces the players to reconsider their strategies.

3 Best Clash Royale Void Decks in Clash Royale

The choice of the Void Spell in your Clash Royale deck gives you several strategic advantages. Here are three Clash Royale decks that make the most of the Void Spell’s unique capabilities: Here are three Clash Royale decks that make the most of the Void Spell’s unique capabilities:

Clash Royale Deck 1: Mega Knight Void Control

Card Role

Void Spell Main utility and control

Mega Knight Primary tank and defender

Electric Wizard Air defense and support

Miner Secondary win condition

Wall Breakers Direct tower damage

Prince Secondary tank and damage

Bandit Fast, targeted attacks

Wizard Splash damage support

Strategy: This Clash Royale deck uses the Void Spell for controlling enemy placements and enhancing pushes with Mega Knight and Prince. It's strong on defense with substantial push potential using fast units like Miner and Wall Breakers.

Clash Royale Deck 2: Hog Earthquake Void Cycle

Card Role

Void Spell Main utility and control

Hog Rider Primary win condition

Earthquake Building and troop disruption

Wizard Air and spell resistance

Tesla Defensive structure

Miner Flexible support unit

Mega Knight Defensive and offensive support

Skeletons Cheap cycle and distraction

Strategy: Focused on cycling the Hog Rider with the support of Earthquake for taking down defenses. The Void Spell provides utility in disrupting enemy troops, while Tesla and Evo Wizard bolster defense.

Clash Royale Deck 3: Mega Knight Ram Rider Push

Card Role

Void Spell Main utility and control

Mega Knight Primary tank and defender

Ram Rider Win condition and control

Lightning Heavy spell damage

Bandit Fast, targeted attacks

Wizard Splash damage support

Electro Spirit Chain stun and reset

Bomb Tower Defensive structure

Strategy: This Clash Royale deck leverages the Void Spell to clear the path for heavy hitters like Mega Knight and Ram Rider. Lightning offers high damage output against clustered defenses and high-value targets, while the Bandit and E-Spirit provide additional control and tempo.

Clash Royale Events and Challenges

Supercell has masterfully applied the Void Spell in different situations of the game, and thus, players can try and get used to the new tool and thus, gradually improve their usage of it. These events demonstrate the importance of the Void Spell and stress the need to use it smartly and be expert in its manner of use.

Wrapping Up New Void Spell Card in Clash Royale

The Void Spell that came out in Clash Royale has brought a new level of depth and strategic complexity, so now it is an important element to include in various Clash Royale decks. Its capacity to inflict vast destruction and chaos in the enemy's ranks provides players with the means to change the course of the battle and win the game. During the ongoing development of the game, the Void Spell is the primary factor in the transformation of Clash Royale's competitive scene.

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