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Tricks for EV Training Your Pokémon

by Kimberly Styles about a year ago in how to

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Tricks for EV Training Your Pokémon

I have been playing Pokémon since about gen 3, but that was only because my older brother had Sapphire. Since then I have loved playing the games, watching the film, and the anime. I am by no means the most dedicated Pokémon player but I do enjoy it. Even though I have been playing since I was probably about 6 or 7, I didn't know what EV training was until a few days ago. I asked my boyfriend if I could play his Pokémon Sun game in preparation for my Moon version arriving and he agreed. He asked if I could breed and train some Pokémon for him. When he said train, I thought he just meant leveling it up. I was very wrong. He told me which Pokémon to battle to train it and to have special items. What he didn't tell me was any real specific tricks to help me do this fast so, here are a few tricks I learned to help EV train faster.

Figure out what you want to train.

Before you even start to train, you need to determine what you want to train. This applies to both the Pokémon and the stats. I will be explaining how to IV breed your Pokémon in another post as it is too complicated to do all in one post. Once you have picked which Pokémon you want to train, then you need to decide what stats you want to train. Now you can only max train two stats per Pokémon so choose wisely. To pick these, you need to have an idea of what you are wanting to use it for. I am currently training up a Scyther that has perfect IVs for the attack, defense, special defense, speed, and HP. This is being used as a defense tank, so I am EV training its Special Defense and HP.

Learning which Pokémon train which stats and how many points they give.

Knowing what Pokémon train what EVs is crucial if you want to have the best Pokémon. I have found a website that breaks all the Pokémon down into what they train. This is useful if you are EV training a higher-level Pokémon and still want it to level up quickly. Currently, my Scyther is only level thirteen so I am just battling on Route One against Ledyba (for special defense) and Caterpie (for HP). It also helps to have the power items, such as the power band, on while you are training. There is one to help with each stat. This adds an extra three EV points per Pokémon knocked out. So for the Caterpie and Ledyba, who are both one EV per Pokémon, this means that you get four EVs. Now when you have the get 252 to max out a stat, this cuts down the time it takes massively.

SOS Battles

Now, these next tips only really apply to anything after generation 7 (Sun and Moon) as, before that, there were no SOS battles. An SOS battle is where the Pokémon you are battling calls for help, so you now have two Pokémon to battle. You can use this to speed up EV training as you aren't having to search for the Pokémon every time. You only need to find it once. Once you have found the Pokémon you can use adrenaline orbs to make them call for help more.

False Swipe

Following on from my previous tip, you will want a Pokémon that knows the move False Swipe. This move knocks your opponent down to one HP but won't knock them out. By using this move on the first Pokémon, it keeps it alive but makes it weak enough to need to call for help. This is a sure fire way to make sure that you don't accidentally kill the Pokémon on the first turn. Just make sure that you don't let the Pokémon you are battling run out of PP. You will need to kill the first Pokémon when you have two on the screen to keep the battle going for as long as you need. You also need to make sure that you don't run out of moves as well. Make sure before you go into training that you have plenty of Leppa berries which restore ten PP for a move.

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