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Top 5 Upcoming PS5 Exclusives

Why you should buy the PS5

Top 5 Upcoming PS5 Exclusives
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PlayStation has not released a new system since the PS4 was released in 2013. Modifications on the original were repackaged as the PS Slim and PS Pro in 2016, but a totally new system is 7 years in the making. Because of this PlayStation fans are beyond excited to get their hands on the new system. It is like being a part of history. PlayStation has made several improvements to the system to aid in the immersive experience. Smoother playback, faster loading, and more sensory feedback with new controllers are just a few enhancements gamers can expect this holiday season. But what everyone is clamoring about is the games. In true PlayStation form, there are several PS exclusives and timed exclusives that will be ready at launch and released next year. Here is a list of the 4 most interesting PS exclusives you are going to want to check out.

1. Horizon Forbidden West. This is the much-anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. The Horizon series is set in the future in a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with living machines. It is an open world format with huge maps. In this game, we return as Aloy, a young huntress, as she engages on a perilous journey out west where she must face new enemies and dangerous machines in an attempt to save us all. It is a third-person perspective game that is great choice for action-adventure lovers. Underwater exploration has been added to this sequel and I am anxious to see what other exciting details have been included. This game will be released in 2021.

2. Spider- Man: Miles Morales. The Spider-Man franchise has opened the spider-verse. Following Sony’s 2018 film success of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse we see a new game where Peter Parker is not the star of the show. This movie introduced a larger audience to other iterations of Spider-Man and established the idea of a multiverse for the character. This opened the door to a possible series of games following different versions of Spider-Man that exist concurrently and independently. In the trailer for this game we hear a voice over of Peter Parker sharing the mantle power and great responsibility with a new generation of Spider-Man. This will be a launch title so expect to start your playthrough on launch day.

3. Stray. Stray takes an interesting spin on the third-person adventure genre. In this game you play as cat in a futuristic neon world filled with robots and danger. You explore the world as a cat would which opens the possibility for new dangers and new places investigate.

4. Returnal. In this game we play as female space pilot who is stuck in a Groundhog Day style time loop. She is living the same day over and over again and with each loop cycle it is affecting her brain, warping her memories, and driving her mad. In the loop she is continually dying and being resurrected. Before dying she explores a foreign, constantly changing planet and engages with hostile locals. This third-person shooter is set to be released sometime in 2021 with no exact date set yet.

5. God of War: Ragnarok. The teaser for the new God of War game was recently released and I have never been more excited to hear ominous chanting in my life. The last game ended with the revelation that Kratos’s son, affectionately known as “boy” is Loki! This set the story line up perfectly to shift into Norse mythology. The God of War series does an excellent job of pulling you into the plot and making you far too invested in the lives of these characters. Ragnarok entails a great battle with the deaths of many major players so I am very interested in the direction the game goes. This game will be released in 2021.

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