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Top 5 Types of Solitaire Games

Solitaire Card Games

By Nishi GargPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Every person has played Solitaire once in a lifetime on an online platform or with 52 cards deck offline. It is a single-player game that can be an enjoyable pastime. Also, it helps to sharpen your mind and pass the time with many people or a company to develop solitaire game apps for you. However, playing Solitaire repeatedly can become tedious for many. Don’t worry! You have other options for solitaire-like games that would pass your time with interesting games.

In this article, you will know about 5 different types of Solitaire games played since the late 90s and gaining popularity till now. After playing the games written down, your love for Solitaire will grow more.

So, let’s begin!

5 Engaging and Pass Time Solitaire Games


It is another name for Solitaire and plays similar to classic Solitaire. Nevertheless, if you don’t know, let us tell you how to play it.

In this game, you will get 52 deck cards arranged by suits that start with Ace and end at King on the above and vacant area usually called Fountain. The cards are arranged in the 7 piles in the game area. Every card is open and shown, except the piles that are on the upper side. To know what’s in the upper cards, they need to make a sequence and move here are there to create it. To create the sequence to need alternating colors and arrange it from King to Ace.

The remaining cards which are in piles, get stocked up at one place to help players to build the sequence.


As the Klondike is the basic version of Solitaire, Spider Solitaire is the second type of Solitaire. When you play Solitaire, you need to make 4 fountains, wherein in Spider you need 8 fountains just double of it to win the game. This is because the spider has 8 legs itself.

In this game, you have two decks of cards which is piled up like Solitaire. According to the difficulty level, it can be played with one color or two. Similar to Solitaire, it has piles, Stockpiles, and fountains. The cards are revealed only when all the cards are aligned in sequence and can make a fountain.

This game objective is to pile up all the cards in sequence from King to Ace. It is quite easy because only one suit is used and if two are there, it might get difficult for the player.


After 2 easy games, now comes the difficult one, Freecell Solitaire. It is just like Solitaire or Klondike. It is played by strategy and needs more thoughtful moves. Nevertheless, being a more strategic game, it has possibilities to solve in every game. Around 99% can solve this game easily.

This game is somewhat similar to Klondike. It is played with a single deck and every card is shown up in the game area. But there is no Stockpile all cards are revealed. The goal is to pile up all the cards from Ace to King. Also, if you think the upper card is more valuable than the lower card, then just keep aside the lower card for some time until it isn’t used anywhere.


It has other names to as Three Peaks, Tri Towers, and Triple Peaks. As the name suggests it makes the pyramid with the cards.

This game is played with 52 deck cards, where the cards are placed in a three-4 row pyramid. In which 4 cards are facing forward and others down facing. And the remaining one is in Stockpile. Ultimately the goal is to clear all the cards present in the game area. You just need to deconstruct the pyramid by clicking on the sequence card of 1 point higher or lower, no issues with the suits. For instance, the card shown through the stockpile is 4 to place 3 and 5 number cards to clear the cards from the game area.


Pyramid Solitaire goes with the single pyramid with all cards showing up. Although, by seeing the game area it might seem easy, but have a low possibility to win.

The win for this game depends on the card arranged in the game area. The player is allowed to only go through the Stockpile once, the chances to win become 1 to 50.

In this game, 28 cards are shown in the game area, all facing forward as a pyramid. Only cards that are on the upperside can be played. First, you need to deconstruct the card, you can go for the next card.

The goal is simple you just need to deconstruct the cards as they should be equal to 13 ( 8+5=13). When using the 52-card deck, the king =13, Queen =12, and Jack =11. The king card is removed. The cards can be played at a time from the Stockpile to find the match and destroy the pyramid.


These are some of the solitaire games that you can play through the Solitaire game app. Go through all these games, so that you can pass your time and sharpen your mind. So what are you waiting for install the game and play it well.

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