To Twitch, or Not to Twitch...

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Now, that is THE question.

To Twitch, or Not to Twitch...

We live in a world that has become so interconnected into our daily lives that it's often hard to imagine not having the conveniences of "Always Online" controlling our day to day activities.

For some, it simply means having their smart phone on them at all times, for others though, it goes much, much further. We live in a household where we all keep our phones in close proximity. In fact, we've resorted to them as entertainment devices—our laptops are never far away either—and of course there's the smart TV always streaming something to us from Netflix, Youtube, or cable.

But what about the people who have smart watches, smart bikes (Peloton), and, they've gone so far as to call it, "Smart Home Monitoring." For the super paranoid, I am sure that's a very welcome comfort, but at what point do we stop putting our lives in the forefront of so many cameras that are connected to the internet?

Or do we embrace that technology? Is it an opportunity that we haven't really realized the potential of yet? Something that has been waiting to propel our daily lives into internet stardom? It's hard to say, but the fact that there are more and more companies basing their business model on the concept of individualized stardom, I think that it's time to embrace and begin to utilize what we've been given.

PewDiePie damn near broke the internet with his YouTube success, from a disowned, college dropout, to an internet sensation making tens of millions of dollars a year, good ol' Felix showed us something... There is a new era of video entertainment. And how many people followed in his footsteps? Joe Santigato is another of my faves, and he's doing quite well just being himself, but doing so on camera.

The simple fact of the matter is that it's not easy. A lot of time and effort goes into the recording, and then countless hours of editing occur before a video is uploaded. Of course now there's platforms like Twitch, the popular online Gamer "Ninja" just embraced a deal with Microsoft to move all his gaming to the live platform, and within six hours he had 80,000 followers.

The question is, what could you possibly do that would be entertaining to others? ANYTHING!!!! Listen, it may be hard to believe, but you're literally connected to Billions of people every time you log on, every time you hit a keystroke, you have access to Billions of people who are looking for entertainment, perhaps you like to bake, so start a baking show, a cooking show. Maybe you enjoy going to car shows and rallies, so create a livestream about that.

For me, it's about gaming, I like to game, and I want to share my frustrations with the world that wants to watch, I also want to share my achievements, but that's an entirely different audience. The point is that, if you have a hobby (look at me writing, it's a hobby, and I'm attempting to make a buck or two from it), stop believing you can't do it. You have all the access to do so, but remember, it doesn't happen overnight. To achieve the success of fellow streamers like Ninja, you have to work at it; you have to be consistent, keep streaming, create an audience for what you love, and before you know it, you'll be the star of your own show.

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Brian C.
Brian C.
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