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by Myles Strucker about a year ago in product review

All about my youtube channel.

My channel is a gaming channel, it's the most important thing to me, and I want to share my story of how I was inspired to start up my channel. I was watching a lot of Skydoesminecraft growing up as well as PrestonPlayz and other big gaming channels. And I thought hey if they could do it I can too. I have no idea if I'm even relatively as funny as them. I laugh at my own jokes because I find them hella cringy. I laugh at my friends jokes cause I find those cringy too. I would like to know your guys' opinions on my videos and any comments that can help.

I would also like to know if you guys have any suggestions on what I should do on my channels that would entice audiences such as yourself. I would also like to know if you guys have any games you want to see featured on my channel and whether or not they are free. If they are free definitely will try and get them as soon as possible if not your reads on this post and others like it help a lot and will help me get the money for the games. Also if you like reading the content I put out on here which will be descriptions of videos and the video with the description. Also not to mention other things such as sneak peeks to my books. You guys will help me grow a lot. I will also put down my Patreon for you guys to go ahead and donate to for more games and equipment to bring you the best content I can. You can also check out my other channels if gaming isn’t your style, I have a vlog channel called CursedReality, an AMV channel called CursedHeroes, a singing channel called HowlingAt TheMoon, an acting channel called CursedStudios, and a wrecking channel which hasn’t had much going on with it yet but soon called TheWreckingWolves. If you guys support my channels more and help me out I definitely will put more stuff out there for you guys. Which will definitely bring you guys up to speed with my new channels as well as the stuff I do on them. I know this whole thing may seem surreal to most of you but yes I do a lot of good features on my channels as well as funny challenges that everyone will love. And if you guys have any suggestions for me to do I will do them, I’m also planning on doing a face cam in my videos once I hit 100 subscribers. As well as comment back for the first 15 minutes the video is up and as I get more views and subs I will continue up the time frame by 15 minutes. When I hit 85 subs I’ll up it to 30 minutes, When I hit 100 subs I’ll up it to 45 mins and so on and so forth. I plan on making a schedule during this quarantine time. I’m gonna upload two videos a day one in the early morning and one late at night to keep you guys occupied and safe at home even though I think this whole quarantine crap is a bit extreme. But hey it is what it is am I right? I will also be uploading my covers on Songtradr once I figure that whole thing out. As well as uploading my covers to other places when I learn to play my guitar. I hope you guys had a fun time reading this and I hope to see you guys soon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, first 20 people who follow me I will follow back.

product review
Myles Strucker
Myles Strucker
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Myles Strucker
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