The World Of Minecraftia

Short Minecraft Review

The World Of Minecraftia

Minecraft is a game for builders, so please don't try if you're not that imaginative. Firstly, you start off with nothing, survival is the only way to keep going. Here are three basic steps to beginner survival.

Step one: Approach a tree and start to punch it.... weird right, I know but this is the only way to get wood.

Step two: Find the nearest mountain and dig a hole into it. Don't worry, it isn't hard, since the Minecraft graphics and interface are pixelated, the rocks and dirt come off in blocks. If you're a neat freak then this should suit you. Use the hole you just dug out as a home for the time being because if nightfall comes and you're outside, chances are you're going to die.... on your first night in the game.

Step three: When morning comes, go outside, gather wood, make tools, hunt animals for food and start your journey into Minecraftia.

Like I said before, Minecraft is a game for builders, but even if you're not a builder, you'll still enjoy the cool things you come across. These cool things may vary depending on if you play online or offline. When you're offline you can go exploring and come across multiple things such as villages, mountains, swamplands, and even a mushroom land. Don't call the places land though, you may offend the avid people of Minecraft;, instead call them biomes.

The 'swampland,' call it the swamp biome. 'Mushroom land,' call that the mushroom biome, and I guess you can see where I'm going with this. Yea, so basically in the swamp biome everything is murky. The water is brown and murky but don't worry, in Minecraft, there are no alligators. In the swamp biome, the only animals you may see are some fishes if you go fishing and some ocelots in the trees.

The mushroom biome is basically what it says. A biome filled with large mushrooms and hundreds of smaller mushrooms all over the floor of the biome. This place is the place to go if you are in need for some mushrooms to make Minecraft's very infamous and refreshing 'mushroom soup'. If you're lucky you may even find a mooshroom.... Don't get me wrong, that isn't a typo. A 'mooshroom' is a red mushroom looking cow with mushrooms all over its back. It's the games' weirdest and most rare creature. Most players go into creative mode, which is basically a sandbox mode and spawn as much mooshrooms as their heart desires. Silly players.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there's also a snow biome. Here you can find wolves, rabbits, frozen lakes, and snow galore. I go to the snow biome to shovel up some snow which will then allow me to craft some snowmen. They're some cool companions and if any enemies come near you, they launch some of their snowballs at them. Another cool thing about the snowmen... wherever they slide, a trail of snow follows.

Besides all this single player fun, the multiplayer world is filled with stunning attractions. I consider myself a builder but when I go online to see what others have built I AM STUNNED. There are breathtaking, sky-scraping attractions. From giant pixelated Pikachus to even more gigantic pixelated Link characters. Sometimes when I'm bored I just go online with some friends and just explore the wonder of what cool feature we find next. Even if we find nothing cool, ten out of ten times we find or even think up of some crazy adventure to go on. some leading to our character's death... sadly.

In a nutshell, the game Minecraft is not only enjoyable but more unpredictable. I would definitely recommend that you give it a try. When you do give it a try and realise that my article on Minecraft left out a lot of information about the game, just keep in mind that the mystery will have you playing and wanting more. Plus why would I want to absolutely tell out all the aspects of Minecraft... play it and find out yourself.

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