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The Ultimate Rust PvP Guide

by Philip Peters 2 months ago in combat
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9500 hour Veteran's tips on how to dominate in pvp

You won't have to think long before you realize that Rust's entire PvP system is what makes it tick. The game would only be a survival building game without PvP.

I've put together a lengthy list of methods in which you can develop your abilities and prevail in the majority of your combat encounters because many players will die hundreds of times before questioning how they are ever expected to become excellent at PvP.

Become a Ninja

One of the most crucial features of PvP, especially for solitary players, is stealth. If you can catch your opponents off guard, you will have a significant advantage over them.

Even if your opponent has superior equipment, you may generally deceive them by attacking when they least expect it. They may respond quickly and kill you, but if you are skilled enough at stealth, you will have the upper hand.

Hide in the bushes, walk in a crouch, and stay far enough away so they can't see you. Stalk your target until the ideal moment arrives, then strike when the timing is right. Nighttime is extremely beneficial for hunters, so take advantage of the darkness.

Another good time to assault a player is when they use another tool to gather resources. Wait till a player's weapon is unequipped if you know they have some decent firepower. Sometimes the half-second it takes them to draw a weapon is enough time for you to kill them.

Never underestimate the value of being able to operate quietly. If you can sneak up on your targets with two or three friends, you'll be able to take them out before they know what struck them.

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Stay calm

Being cool in battle, aside from being accurate with your weapons, is arguably the most crucial list. If you can't react quickly enough, you'll be destroyed every time. It's reasonable that individuals don't stay calm during the combat in Rust, a game where you might lose many hours of work in only seconds.

Many times my heart has pounded in real life as a result of some absurd event in Rust, and the adrenaline rush is something I've never felt in any other game. As a result, you occasionally lose your judgment in fights. Your aim deteriorates, you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do, and a calm opponent gains an advantage as a result.

The best way to deal with this is to just engage in more fights. The more combat you have, the clearer your mind will be when important resources are at stake. Modded servers, particularly warfare servers, which I'll discuss later in this article, are excellent for practice.

Beginner Rust players frequently rush into battle and make stupid decisions that cause them to perish, but the more calm they become, the more battles they win.

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Master Bow and Crossbow

Throughout the game, these two weapons will be your constant saviors. Rust veterans have mastered these weapons, allowing them to take down almost any opponent, including those armed with armor and guns. They're not ideal against a party of more than two individuals, but they give you a fighting chance.

Using these weapons in stealth mode allows you to effortlessly take down opponents and often grants you access to late game weapons if you manage to kill a loaded player. If you watch any popular Rust Youtuber for more than 5 minutes, you'll notice they frequently employ ranged weapons.

Because the finest players use these diverse weapons, you should start practicing with them as soon as possible. They deal a lot of damage for such a little crafting cost, therefore it's a good idea to have a bunch of these on hand as backups in case of an emergency.

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Get the Nailgun early

The nailgun is a fairly effective weapon that can kill most players at medium to close range. My pals and I were streaming Rust one time when one of us inadvertently leaked our base codes on stream. One of our viewers discovered our server, tracked out our base, and slaughtered all five of us with a nailgun.

The range isn't as good as the bows I discussed earlier, and it's a little harder to make, but it kills far faster. You won't have to reload after a single arrow because you can unleash an entire clip of nails into your opponent, quickly dispatching them.

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Listen for the enemy

It is critical that you are able to hear when adversaries are nearby. A decent headset, such as this one, is an important aspect of Rust PvP, and anyone who does not utilize one is immediately at a disadvantage.

You can detect when someone is outside your base, stalking you while exploring, and where they are coming from using audio. If you are shot at, you must immediately determine the direction the bullet is coming from.

Turning down music is one of the best methods to hear your enemy more clearly. I know that the tense atmosphere created by the music is far more immersive, however the music must be turned off. It's awful when you're assaulted from an unknown direction and you can't pinpoint the location because of the loud music.

You won't have to worry about it if you turn the music all the way down. Being cool in a battle requires knowing what your opponent is doing, which is much more difficult to do when you can't hear them.

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Never stop moving

Everyone understands that a moving target is considerably more difficult to hit than a fixed one, so no matter what you're doing, keep moving. Run in irregular zig-zag patterns to confuse anyone shooting at you, which is a wise approach even if you aren't in the crosshairs of an adversary.

Move in circles when mining rocks or chopping trees to make yourself less visible. What about running through a field? Run around the site! Allowing a potential enemy to easily target you puts you at risk of being killed instantaneously by a bolt action headshot.

When pursuing someone behind cover, you don't necessarily have to move. If they aren't aware of your existence, you have the upper hand. Remember that a stationary target is a dead target, so never stay in one spot until you're safe behind your base's defenses.

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Be aware of your surroundings

Your surroundings have a MASSIVE impact on whether you win or lose the fight. Although having high ground provides you a significant advantage, being on a hill with no cover exposes you to any adversary in sight.

Open fields are the absolute worst venues to fight. When this occurs, it is less about skill and strategies and more about aim and luck. In that circumstance, whomever sees their opponents first gets the advantage.

Enemies might also flank you from unnoticed locations, which is why you must be mindful of how many are in the fight. NPCs such as scientists and animals such as bears can be a huge distraction during a combat. Aimbot scientists will most certainly kill you faster than a player, and bears will consume every player in sight.

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Play practice servers

There's only one thing that can improve your PvP abilities more than hundreds of hours of gameplay: practicing on PvP-only servers. These servers are sometimes referred to as battlefield servers since they have been modified so that the only thing you can do is fight other people.

It will normally spawn fully stocked with weapons, ammo, armor, and healing supplies. It's somewhat like Call of Duty in that you'll be killed and respawn frequently.

Other servers have significantly higher resource harvesting multipliers, such as hitting a tree with a rock once and getting 10,000 wood. You can create a base in less than an hour, earn high-tier weaponry in less than an hour, and practice raids on other bases on these servers. What's amazing about them is that because you don't have a lot of time invested in your base and gear, losing anything on these servers doesn't feel horrible.

These servers will vastly enhance your aim and confidence when using Rust weapons. With each confrontation, you'll become more composed, and you'll eventually be able to dispatch a large number of opponents with ease.


This is by no means a full tutorial, but it contains enough material to make you a reasonably good PvPer. There are many wonderful guides on YouTube with great tips, so certainly spend some time watching them after reading this article.

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