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The Ultimate Free Online Car Games

Think browser games are dead? Think again. We've created a list of the top picks that are free to play anywhere, anytime.

By DriftedPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Are you looking for the next awesome car game to play?

Although many of us will often reach for our console, let’s face it; we can’t carry our high-spec PC with us everywhere we go, which is where free online games provide the perfect opportunity for some fun, whether you’re looking to burn some time at home, school, or work.

We will be showing you five of the best and highest-rated online car games online.

These are fun, exciting, and free to play anytime and anywhere!


UNBOUNDED™ is a game that will take you on an adventure through the streets of some unknown city at night. With gorgeous graphics and physics, this drifting racer has something for everyone!

The graphics in this game are so stunning that it’s almost like you’re exploring an exotic island. The city is dark with a unique touch - only hints of street lights peeking through here and there as cars race by - it feels like nobody else around us.

If you are looking for a game that will let your creativity shine, then this is it. The customization options in-game allow players to build their cars from scratch, and tuning features give them plenty of opportunities to research how vehicles work.

City Stunts

City Stunts is a high-performance, adrenaline-pumping game that will have you pulling off the trickiest stunts in no time! Choose from an array of cool cars and motorcycles to prepare for some serious car racing action.

Earn to Die

The only way to survive a zombie apocalypse is by getting into your car and driving away. But don’t just run from one group of zombies - go after them fast enough so that they can’t catch up!

The first-person shooter mechanics are taken out in this racing game. However, you still have all kinds of weapons at hand, including customizable vehicles bought with cash earned during gameplay for when things get too intense or if there’s an entire army approaching.

Offroader V5

There’s a great selection of vehicles in this game for those who want to be taken off the beaten path.

Whether you fancy yourself as an accomplished driver or just starting with some basic control schemes and lessons on how everything works - Offroader has something for everyone!

The user-friendly interface allows players to explore rural areas and large map sizes that are available within cities like New York City itself.


The engines that power stock cars racing at NASCAR are some of the most powerful in existence. These race-tuned machines produce speeds up to 450 mph and have been proven by their reliability on track and off it!

With engines that can push Nascar drivers to insane speeds, the cars might look a lot like production V8s. But appearances are deceiving because these racing machines have some pretty unique features in terms of power and emissions output.


These are just some of the car games you need to try playing. Whether an amateur or a professional car gamer, these games will have you up and running. So play today and have fun!

But there is a lot more on offer over at Drifted, and there are games to suit everyone’s needs, no matter what your interest.

Even if you’re not looking for car games, the available selection goes well beyond catering to your tastes.

So, whether you’re interested in trying the most popular free online Bus Games, Monster Truck Games, Motorcycle Games, Police Games, or even Shooting Games, you can count on the vast catalog to have something to offer.


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