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The Sims 4 Suggestions| Regarding Aliens...

Dear modders/ sims team- things to consider.

By Bianca WilsonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Once upon a time I made a slide show video using an online application- sad

Remember that in the sims 4 you can create aliens?

Journey to Batuu didn't. 

Strangerville didn't.

Both packs involve aliens, but it's funny that aliens, an occult race that has existed for the longest of time got nothing from either packs. The only thing you could use for them is the electronic doors.

The team missed out on adding more to the lore and activities of aliens. And the opportunity to recreate actual alien life.

The aliens, an occult race you can play as in the sims- is the most neglected race in the game. It's as if they were added because every sims game has the existence of Aliens, but that's it. And here's how I know they're neglected.

Example: Alien sims also get abducted by ufos.

I don't want my undisguised alien sims to get treated like human sims by the game! Why are they getting abducted by their own kind?! At least give a more interesting reaction if they do please. Like an opportunity to beat the alien's butt and take over their ufo. It's free real estate!

Also, a more obvious example: Aliens are only given two alien suits to alternate from on all occasions. They can wear human clothes so it's not that big of a deal- because no one cares.

Vampires and werewolves got a whole bunch of options but not aliens! No... all they get is items released by packs that weren't meant for them- players have to improvise and use anything that looks like it could be alien-y.

Here's the thing. I think, everyone is SCARED of aliens. They're scared of giving aliens more attention because if they do they will have to acknowledge aliens are perfect criminals. There. I said it!

The abilities of an alien sim is to analyze personalities, probe, erase minds and empathize. They can practically get away with murder if they tried!

Listen, STOP being scared of alien sims. They're shady, they've always been shady, and it's okay. Look at their history-

think back to the Sims 2 on gameboy when Burple the alien, holds your toilet hostage and you have to intimidate him to get off the toilet all while you're on the verge of nearly peeing yourself.

And when he does leave, he makes sure to leave his green slimey goo on the toilet for you to clean before you can even use it. Just plain EVIL.

In the games that followed after there are good aliens but...I think it's safe to say that aliens have always been villains.

So. What?

Aren't you curious about what you could do if they were given more attention? Think about the gameplay. A futuristic pack for alien sims! Delving into their potential as criminals! Or unethical business owners!

You could add a new world to the game, only this one takes place outer space and there are lots for your alien sims to build a ufo! Or a secret mothership, its lots are rooms/ apartments for your alien sims to inhabit...

OR! The new world is an alien sim world, perhaps we get more access to SIXAM, or perhaps it's a totally new our alien sims have fled to- yes, they're trying to make it a haven. Just like how sims can create a business and go to another lot with get to work, alien sims can have their own ufos to run their businesses, they can visit the human world to attend to their businesses disguised as humans. Collecting resources and slaves they can apply to build their own utopia on their own planet. Or they can have a robot do it for them or an inferior alien race to command at will.

OR! They can visit other planets and collect resources, abduct animals, and inhabitants for further study - Normal alien behavior.

OR! They can play superhero, abducting aliens from dying planets overrun with war(this is how aliens "adopt" sims) and convincing them to work for them, also acquiring dangerous aliens they can plant on other planets and watch them go extinct.... The enslaved or indentured can send an SOS signal that can summon enemy alien forces or humans to rescue them.

There's just so much that can be done with aliens. Add strife.

Aliens are alien but they're not all for each other. There could be oppressed aliens, poor drifting through space hoping to find a place called home or rich alien sims that serve their home planet without a second thought, only to grow a conscience, and when they disobey their life is threatened, they run away, seeking refuge on tiny inhabitable planets/asteroids hoping to get by.

There could be aliens that speak different languages and have different manners...

Take a look at this table.

Picture an alien family of four, or perhaps a crew of aliens, or perhaps a council.

At this table, it can generate a hologram showing outerspace, maybe they can watch tv (also eat, and pass around food to each other telekinetically), communicate with other alien motherships or instruct robot/minions to manage a farm/factory from the ground up. - Perhaps the feature to supervise your business while being away?

Or they could play video games, holographic board games like an alien version of monopoly, chess, war, dungeons and dragons, farming sims etc.

Expand on the alien's ability to use their brain, let's make them telepaths. Let's create arenas of courts for aliens to play sports like brain ball, wrestling, push and pull- something! Or they could collect alien creatures of inferior intelligence and pit them against each other to gamble!

Have alien sims upgrade their brain power so they can defend themselves in case of invasion, allow them to do the unthinkable like terminating them or paralyzing their opponents instead of engaging in barbaric human fights, the victor erasing the memory of the encounter and wiping their ufo's gps history!

Let's make alien's homes. They can create glass dome houses to keep out rays, dust and harmful alien critters from their settlements. With a underground settlement or in bunker homes They can have alien plastic dome tents to that can also be used by human sims... These tents have heating...

Have their house put on the invisible setting so probing enemy aliens can't detect them!

Now I want you to check this out it's by HazzaPlumbob (as was the previous alien map)

It's basically an alien version of venice. A city built around and on bodies of water. Imagine, creating basements where you could watch alien fish life flow through.

What if there were different types of aliens suited to different biomes- aquatic aliens, ones that are used to extreme heat from being close to the sun etc?

Just imagine...

The potential of an alien stuff or activity pack...

A shower/bath/mini hot tub and communication pod! Video chat with friends!

So much potential! It doesn't have to be anything like what I described so long as aliens are handed more activity and content...

If you made it this far thanks for listening to my rambling. There's a lot of cc for aliens out already but there's only much that can be done to add more to alien lifestyles.

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