The Sims 4 is a Hot Mess

by Megan Robb 5 months ago in pc

Move over, Goths. Paralives is coming to take the ladder out of your pool.

The Sims 4 is a Hot Mess
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The Sims 4 is ugly, and stupid and I hate it. That's it. Done. Easy.

But if I have to go into more detail.. I really like the art design in the Sims 4. The clothes look great, the hair is fun. The level of inclusivity is unlike anything we've ever seen as the game adds in clothing and hair from every walk of life. The new CAS system? Irreplacable. We love all this stuff.

But EA are milking us like cow-plants and we aren't even getting to eat people.

Everyone knows the infamy of The Sims 4 My First Pet stuff - and yet the Sims 4 has gone uncancelled? That was strike one, let's say. Everyone missteps sometimes. Sure, we'll forgive them for that one but make jokes about it later. Now that the crowd has retaliated, they probably won't do anything like that again!

The Sims 20th Birthday, in which they gave everyone a free in-game hot tub.


Well, maybe this was another fluke. Maybe the Dev team are really struggling under constraints and stuff or maybe they're having a really hard time with items. Giving us almost the exact same item some people had to pay for in a stuff pack is forgivable, right? It would have been nice to have something else, maybe bunkbeds or some party related items - balloons? A cake? no? .. Strike two, EA.

The newly announced expansion pack 'Eco Lifestyle'


I mean, I'm sure it's for someone. It won a poll.. what, how long ago? (Googling..) In 2017?! Three years ago!!! And it's another new town in which your Sim can change the world, yadda yadda, but the University pack (which had been my favourite of Sims 2 and 3) had bare minimum effort put in - just add a new menu, some books and a bike?? The loading screens make the town basically unusable! Seasons didn't have tanning, which you know, is something you do in the summer which is a season but it was included in Island Living? They had a pack called Tiny Living and didn't add bunkbeds which literally every player has been begging for!

'The Child Statue' added in a patch in December 2019

Yeah, cool they're adding in small stuff in free updates. A few new jumpers, some stuff from the packs which should have been in the game from the get go! Like firemen!!! How hard is it to add in a Sim in a fireman's uniform that comes running in and puts out a fire? It's an NPC just like the other NPCs so there's probably no or very little new code.. the animations for running and putting out fires is already there so there's no new animation there...

I would happily stop any free update items just for the packs to actually feel like full sized packs. And as someone whose very first video game (kinda) was The Sims 2 Pets on the PS2, I feel like I've been a fan for my whole life and have the right to critque a company who are begging for my money and then throwing my cash in the furnace.

An example of The Sims streams schedule (specifically during the pandemic)

The Sims 4 has seen an evolution in communication between The Sims team and the players via Simgurus and the EA Game Changers (shout out to Plumbella, hey hen, how we diddly doin') - which is great - but to me it often feels like the developers begging us to be kinder to them. The Sims team are probably on a bigger salary than I will ever have; this is their job. I have absolutley no time for the constant 'Oh, but this is really hard to do'. Exactly. That's why they get paid to do it. You wouldn't hire a plumber who only fixes your toilet and refuses to fix your shower until you pay another £30-£60.

This isn't to say I suggest people attack the developers - oh no. The quality of the content is not the problem. Attack EA, the head honchos making the decisions.

Support Paralives instead. A game being made to finally stand up to the behemoth that is the Sims and looks genuinely great. I've not currently got the money to support them on Patreon, but as soon as I do, I will be.

Megan Robb
Megan Robb
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