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The Response

by Lawrence Finlayson 8 months ago in vr
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Ody's Vs. The Lucifinians – QMS

The Response

The kitchen night staff had been pulled off to the side in a Safety Session that usually only occurred in the Mines or the Shafts:

The Chef continued with the same urgency that the other teams had over the phone and radio:

“We have a situation, in the time, six days, that our coworker, Asterick, was at QMSFNI, he was able to obtain enough QMS information to make a website without leaving the sub-team kitchen and dorm area.

I am told that the QMS, Quality Management System, is a highly classified system and is specific to the Nuclear Energy program and has been in operation since well before QMSFNPrimary.

Can anyone tell me, since many of you have also been to that site or others, how a General Kitchen Help has been able to obtain this, any conversations that may or may not have occurred?”

“This is a joke right?” One of the night workers commented, to which several others had nervous laughter.”

“Does this look like a joke to you.”

The Chef slammed down a screenshot of the QuetzalCorp front page, which read:

“QuetzalCorp's Arbitration Model”


“Ody's vs. The Lucifinians – QMS”


[Meanwhile at QMSFNI]

“Any security video feeds from either site over the past three years during 'said kitchen employee's' time index?”

“Not at this time, most workers carry a personnel dosimeter that we could track any movement that may have been overlooked by staff or security, our technician is manually entering the data into a dosimeter, since he is kitchen staff and have reviewed the background of the individual and found that he has well over seven years of post-secondary knowledge, though suddenly stopped ten classes short of an undergraduate degree... which means he would not show up on any of our databases or that of our affiliates without that degree, business license, or virtually any other certificate, just another guy in the kitchen.”


[DAF – "Star House Country"]

Several Translators are gathered from several disciplines:

“They are saying that he is just another guy who did not finish his degree nor is he licensed, nor is there any other certificate. Their own records and databases show no relevant information, nor that of any of their affiliates.”

“They are saying that the security and surveillance had not picked up anything unusual over the past three years. A gamma class radiation dosimeter badge is currently being loaded with 'said person's' information.”


[“StarGate I” and “StarGate II” / Emergency Broadcast/ DAF system]

The system was no longer usable, it was dismantled internationally, along with main controlling unpowered system guarded 24/7, any inspired that dare enter the area are shot dead, regular surveillance every five minutes.

US President: “Where is this theoretical unpowered computer system.”

“Nevada. Sir.”



(Early Spring 2017 Dosimeter Surveillance)

Asterick getting ready for work...

Asterick eating...

Normal habits, gets along well with other workers, non-obtrusive, moves aside for other workers, non-aggressive...


“All routine behavior files during shift, overall a very decent worker who rather than skilled in any certain or specific area, was trained to buffer up to six inter-changeable routines to accommodate for staffing and scheduling modifications.”

“Then, what are we missing?”

The night data is much more aberrant:

Coffee at any hour, smokes day and night, at any hour, non-standard sleep schedule, non-standard eating schedule, routine or habits; but since 2017, a lot less red meat, less coffee, more fish and chicken and more juice and water.

We are compiling more reconstructions, phone lists, internet, undergraduate qualities, plus, radiation department could not comment immediately, but there seems to be an abnormality, though it could be the upload rather than the recording of the dosimeter.

As well, five of the affiliates have five static interpretations during those time as well.


About the author

Lawrence Finlayson

I started writing at 11. Finished Highschool at 20, still an undergrad at 40, Major Indigenous Studies, Minor Indian Art History; spent much time in the Mining Trade Sector and Community Recreation Sector.

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