The People of FIFA

by Izu Morah 2 years ago in esports

7 Types of People Most FIFA Gamers Have Played Against

The People of FIFA

FIFA. One little game that grew to change the world of gaming for all soccer fans.

We all remember the old crappy versions of FIFA but that didn’t stop us from playing them. Eventually EA got their heads in the game and practically overthrew Konami and their Pro Evolution Soccer Franchise. It’s unbelievable the game-play and graphics FIFA have managed to upgrade, and we can’t enjoy it all without a seasoned adversary to face off against. There are 7 types of people (in this post, the term “guy” refers to both male and female) we all have to play against eventually:

1.) The Excuse Giver

This guy has an excuse for everything, from a misplaced pass to a clearly conceded goal. This is the same guy that laughs to the whole world after any goal he scores. Any soccer game player knows that anyone like this is most likely the most hated opponent in the room.

2.) The Pad Breaker

This guy simply has issues. Once he concedes a goal at a crucial moment, things are sure to get physical between him and the game controller. It’s sure to say, if he’s the owner of the console, he’s sure to always have one or two backup controllers.

3.) The Imaginary Coach

This guy gets so engrossed in a match that he starts talking out loud to his players on the screen. He shouts at them, threatens them, and yet he’s the one controlling them. It’s just not understandable. I’ve actually seen a friend who got frustrated that he missed a goal with Messi, took him off, and subbed on Rafinha.

4.) The Problem Child

This is a must. No matter what console or soccer franchise you play, you must have a problem child. Who is a problem child, you ask? Simply put, this is the same guy who watches every single goal he scores, both normally and at times in slo-mo. The worst part is that, this guy is often times the worst player in the room.

5.) The Big Dog

This guy knows just how freaking good he is. His confidence is over the roof. Everyone is afraid to play against him in public because he’s the one who knows all the skill moves controls and other combinations we don’t realize are possible. Once he’s on a winning streak, there’s no telling when next he’ll lose again.

6.) The Real Coach

After the big dog, this is the most threatening gamer to play against. A lot of people tend to forget that formations and tactics are part of a match. Every other minute, this guy pauses the game, changes his formation or tactics, or both. It may seem all useless and a waste of time when you do it, but when the real coach does it, results of his coaching skills start becoming noticeable. The only con with people like this is that they tend to dull the gaming spirit with constant interruption and at times, when you’re on a crucial build-up.

7.) The Silent Wolf

This personally is my favorite person. This is the guy who keeps quiet at all times. He plays for the fun of it and is quite entertaining to watch. You can never tell what he’s thinking. Most times he’ll be the one losing and suddenly scores a winner or equalizer during the dying seconds. The Silent Wolf is the one most likely to break a Big Dog’s winning streak.

There are so many other types of players out there; the ones who pretend they’re losing on purpose, the guy who won’t stand up till he wins, etc. But, the seven mentioned above are the most popular ones. Do you have friends like that?

Izu Morah
Izu Morah
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