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The main trends in the gambling industry 2020-2021

by Oliver Chandos 7 months ago in arcade

Gambling is a field that has never lost popularity. And if you look at the pace of development of online gambling, it becomes clear that this area not only feels great but is also rapidly developing.

Gambling industry is growing faster then we expected.

The income alone is worth it: according to published data from H2 Gambling Capital, the global income of the gambling industry amounted to 45 billion euros in 2018. For comparison, in 2009 this amount reached 17 billion euros.

This means that the gambling industry is improving, following new trends and introducing technologies. And in 2020, new trends in the gambling industry are outlined, which will raise it to a higher level.


To begin with, 2021 promises to be the year of mobile gambling improvements. The improvement of communication standards and the development of more and more new mobile devices have already done their job. Now about 60% of users of gambling platforms use mobile devices. A couple of years ago, the percentage of visitors using the phone was only 10%. But the same H2 Gambling Capital predicts that already by 2023, half of the gross income of the gambling sector will be provided just by mobile gambling. It even came to that game companies create games for mobile devices first and only after that they create a desktop one.

A new transformation of mobile gambling is outlined. The developers also want to implement VR technologies and artificial intelligence. It will certainly not be easy. But such a step will transform the world of gambling beyond recognition, making it even more convenient and atmospheric.


A positive trend is also observed from the side of legislation. More and more countries are coming to the conclusion that gambling should not be fought, but regulated. First, it will be beneficial for the state itself, since there will be another item of income for the budget. Secondly, people will still play, so why not provide a safer environment. So, what does this year mean for the gambling industry:

● Legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine is planned.

● Belarus has already legalized the activities of online casinos.

● Russian bookmakers have simplified the rules for identifying customers.

● UK gambling market increased by 30%

At the same time, other countries have somewhat tightened the rules for conducting gambling business. For example, Armenia has limited advertising for online casinos, and the UK has tightened the rules for identifying players. However, according to popularity of reliable online casinos not registered with Gamstop increasing in the UK players.

The trend towards legalization of the gambling sector means opportunities for the development of such a business. It will not only grow, but also become more secure and more transparent.


Many providers have already adopted the latest trends. Someone began to actively use blockchain technologies, someone is working on the playability and design of their products, and someone is applying an integrated approach. And this turned the usual competition between developers of gambling entertainment into a whole technological race.

Tops of the best providers of gambling entertainment are updated almost every month. But some companies continue to keep the brand, and some change their status. And in order to maintain leadership positions, you need to keep up with trends. The well-known mastodons of the gambling industry successfully cope with this task:

● NetEnt

● Microgaming

● Play'n Go

The secret of success lies in the use of the latest digital technologies, orientation towards cryptocurrencies and competent marketing.


The payment system market is constantly on the move. And in order to stay out of competition, the emphasis is on all the same technologies and trends. As a result, the leading systems are those that keep pace with the development of technology and customer requirements. In turn, some online casinos try to cooperate only with advanced payment systems. What is planned on the market of financial transaction systems:

● Enhanced security level thanks to artificial intelligence.

● Voice control of payments.

● There will be even more mobile wallets.

● Growing demand for mPOS or mobile hotspots.

● Switching from cards to digital codes.

As a result, smart payments are becoming more popular every year. Users are trying to find the fastest and safest transaction method that can also provide maximum anonymity.


Everyone has heard of Bitcoin. But does everyone understand the meaning of cryptocurrencies and everything that is associated with them in full? And there is also such a thing as blockchain, and this year it will play an important role in the development of gambling.

In simple terms, blockchain is a technology that includes timestamped and non-editable blocks of records managed by a network of computers. This means that the blockchain does not have some kind of central location, and cryptography is used to protect the data.

The popularity of blockchain has increased markedly in the gambling sector. More and more casinos began to use blockchain technologies and accept cryptocurrencies. The advantages of this technology are more than obvious:

● Data is recorded and stored in the registry and cannot be changed.

● Blockchain is not a subject to hacking. And even if it is, it is far from easy.

● Guaranteed transparency in operations, gameplay and transactions.

Add to this the complete anonymity for the player, the ability to check the honesty of the outcome of the game due to the provable fair technology, scanty commissions, atoms and their absence at all. It becomes clear why blockchain will play a key role in the development of the gambling industry for a long time to come.


In fact, online casinos and bookmakers are waiting for the introduction of two trends: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Often these concepts are identified, although this is erroneous. AI involves performing tasks at the level of the human brain. And this happens due to the specified algorithms. ML complements artificial intelligence by allowing the computer to self-correct during tasks, and analyze and process the collected data.

What this means for online casinos and other gambling platforms:

● Implementation of chatbots capable of solving more complex problems with the player's account.

● Improvement and complication of game processes.

● Analysis of the activity of players on the sites and forecasts for their further actions.

● Strengthened control against scammers, bonus hunters and gamblers.

● Detailed analysis of the platform's customer base.

● Adaptation to the individual characteristics of each client: selection of offers, games and novelties for a specific player.

The online casino will become even smarter and will be able to reach an even larger audience with an individual approach to each player. This will allow you to increase your income and not miss the slightest threats from fraudsters.


The industry of gambling entertainment has long been associated with such a gold mine, an endless klondike. This is not surprising: while economists are preparing for the global crisis, the projected income of the gambling industry by 2024 is 94 (!) Billion US dollars. This means that despite crises and other world upheavals, people are always hungry for experience and excitement.

Therefore, the gambling industry is not even going to slow down. On the contrary, this sector expects the introduction of new technologies. Thanks to which gambling will become smarter, and online casinos will become more functional. The main development trends for 2020-2021 are:

● Implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

● Application of blockchain technology.

● Emphasis on mobile gambling.

● Improvement of payment systems.

● Legalization and regulation of the gambling business.

The best online casinos will follow these trends and apply the latest technology. One thing remains clear: 2021 promises amazing changes in the gaming sector. The players will have more opportunities, and for business - guarantees and at the same time challenges. Operators of gambling entertainment will have to be on the lookout for technology.

Oliver Chandos
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