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by Jupiterclaw Theface 4 days ago in fact or fiction

Where will it end?

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Gaming has come a long way in the past 20+ years. Yes I know gaming has been around a lot longer than that, but in my personal experience what I have seen is an amazing amount of technological advancement.

Let's smash out a little of my gaming backstory to start with, I won't go too in-depth.

The first time I played computer games was on an Atari, then a commodore and an Amiga. To me, these games were a little bit of a distraction and I never really got too much into them =, but I still enjoyed them but When I started gaming it was in the age of the PlayStation 1, I also had access to a PC my brother owned that I would play ghost recon on. I would play various games from final fantasy 7, Fallout, Warcraft and some others that I can't remember now but the game that truly got me hooked and made me class myself as a gamer was World of Warcraft. I spent hundreds of hours on that game, hundreds and hundreds.

Ok, let's get back to the point. In those years that I spent playing games, every time a new console came out or a new expansion for a game that added new game play, graphical updates, I always thought to myself, how can it get any better than this, there is no way, look how realistic these graphics look on kill zone on the PS2, this is as good as it can get. Check out this amazing open world and beautiful graphics on this new game called oblivion, it's almost life-like, no way can it get any better than this. But it does and when I go back to these games now I realise how bad they looked, why is that?

Gaming PC and console specs will get higher and higher as time goes on, their games looking better and better, but these aren't the only types of gaming that we have these days. Now we have virtual reality, where we have a headset on and the game is playing around us in 360 degrees. Some of the VR stuff I have tried has not been too great but it's a start but there have been a few things I have seen on it that have impressed me. I'm enjoying the horror genre on the VR right now.

We also have mobile gaming, because you know, everyone has a mobile. I know people will probably turn their nose up at the thought of mobile gaming but I really enjoy the freedom of being able to go anywhere in my house and not have to move around a tower PC, monitor and deal with all kinds of wires. If you are old enough to remember LAN parties, these mobile games would have been a godsend. Not having to fill up whole houses just for a group of friends to get together for a gaming session. Kids these days don't know how good they've got it, I almost broke a hip typing that part. Even the graphics on mobile devices put some of the old tower PCs to shame, in graphic quality and even technical specs, it's mind blowing.

OK so today if you want to play top quality triple A games on the highest quality graphics you will need a high end gaming pc or maybe a console. But just think, maybe in a few years, our mobile devices may be just as powerful as today's gaming PCs. Who knows. I am happy to live in the age we live in, and I'm glad to have seen the progression that some of our younger gamers did not have to witness.

But where does it all end? Will we get to a point where games will look so realistic that the real world will look blocky and low res? But that is another story altogether.

fact or fiction
Jupiterclaw Theface
Jupiterclaw Theface
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