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The Forgotten City Review

by Fernanda Reyes 3 days ago in product review

Modern Storyteller's new title, The Forgotten City, has been a long journey

Modern Storyteller's new title, The Forgotten City, has been a long journey. The game started as a mod for The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim. This mod was downloaded more than three million times, and it was very popular. However, the team has now finished making it its own standalone title. Although the final product retains some similarities to Skyrim, it feels very unique. This game may be new to you, but I can assure you that it is a time-traveling adventure that you shouldn't miss.

You assume the role of someone who was sent 2,000 years back in time to an ancient Roman settlement. This community is guided by the Golden Rule, which cannot be broken. If it is broken by someone who commits a crime, then everyone will be made to shine. It turns out that someone might be trying to break the Golden Rule at the moment you arrive. You have to discover who it is before it happens. You can go back in time to see if someone breaks the rule. However, you will not be able to get back there until you are able to try again. There are many endings you can choose from depending on your choices. I will just say that I was pleased with the end result and found the reward to be well worth it.

With only a small amount of combat and action, the game is centered on just talking to people and exploring. The writing is fantastic and I was completely captivated from the beginning. Sometimes, I just sat or stood and listened to the conversations of NPCs. You can have fun with characters you've had before, but you know exactly what they will say. This opens up new dialogue branches. It can be daunting to discover all the side quests and information that you will learn just by talking to people. It can be a bit frustrating to encounter combat or traversal the few times you play the game. This game was not designed for that. It didn't detract from my enjoyment of the game. These parts don't take too long to get me back to enjoying the wonderful writing and talking with people.

The Forgotten City's visuals are a mixed bag. While the scenery and city can be beautiful, there are other things that feel rough. The animations of characters, particularly facial expressions, are not great. I found details popping in late and characters getting stuck on things sometimes. These aren't major issues, but they were small things that made the game more enjoyable. You'll be pleased to hear that the voice acting and music are excellent, despite the fact that there is so much talking. It felt like the OST reflected what was happening in the moment, no matter how serious or sad. This is something I appreciate greatly. Although I would like to share more information about the game, I think it is one of those games where you should go in blind. It was a game I had never heard of before I played it. This made it more fun.

The Forgotten City is no longer a Skyrim mod. It has become a popular hit in 2021. The time loop story is fascinating and filled with interesting topics and characters. I couldn't help but think about it while playing. Although it has some flaws, this is a great story for those who love solving mysteries and storytelling.


Wonderfully written story and characters

Time loop mechanic is well executed

Great voice acting and soundtrack

Ancient Roman scenery looks good


Platforming and combat feels clunky

Has some technical issues in places

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Fernanda Reyes

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