The Current State of Video Games

Remasters? Or excuses? Who's to blame?

The Current State of Video Games

In the past few years in the video game industry, everything has been about remastering old generation games. Very rarely do we see actually good games that makes us feel great.

A few games did get sequels in the new generation but they all felt so underwhelming, including Fallout 4 as the prime example. Why is it that new games can't live up to old ones? Are we moving backwards? Or did we have a really slow start?

Who's to blame?

Do we blame the companies that make them? Do we blame the publishers? Or the audience?

Last generation we had great starts. Such as Burnout Paradise, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid 4. This generation we had a good start with Infamous Second Son and....well that's it.

Most games that game out as launch were disappointing and those who came later were even worse. Is it the developers? Do they rush? Or do publishers make them rush?

It seems to me both are to blame. Developers shouldn't rush to make a game especially if it's sub-par, Street Fighter V being a prime example of that. After multiple updates and DLCs we finally have the best version of it. Which to me, is disappointing. Or... maybe not publisher nor the developer are to blame. Not even the audience with their sky high expectations. But...

Devil Incarnate.... Microtransactions!!!

One of the worst decisions that was made in this generation are these microtransactions. Thanks to mobile games especially Clash of Clans, we were treated to this mindset that players spend money to get better stuff. I hate that we have microtransactions, I really do. Whereas in the past we had the full package, now we have to pay to get the basic ones. Like Tekken Bowling becoming a 5$ DLC. Or Battlefront II being so frustrating without paying. Loot Boxes for Call Of Duty made the online mode so boring.

Seems developers and publishers are putting all their money in these and neglect to actually put time and money on the game itself. In past generations the games were actually worth the money you paid for them, now they're not. Why? Simple really.

If you can fix a game later by pushing a hefty update, why not do that? Get the game out as fast as possible and later fix it. *cough* Assassin's Creed Unity *cough*

If people enjoy our multiplayer, let's destroy the balance so they pay us more money. You like trophies? Fine pay money to get the trophy. Or... want to see the ending? Buy our loot boxes.


All the Remasters

Is it tough to remaster? Yes. Is it tough to port them and call it a remaster? Hell no.

That's what they do. Look at games like God of War 3 and Heavy Rain. They are called remasters but that's a lie. They're glorified ports that come with the same bugs.

You want good remaster? Or even ports? GTA V. At least they added a first person view and made the online their prime focus. With Call of Duty Modern Warfare, they really did update all the textures and made it beautiful.

Then we have remakes that for some reason are called remasters but are sure as hell amazing. Shadow of Colossus, Crash Bandicoot.

But why do we have so many remasters?? Simple. Money! Why make a new game when we can "remaster" it and profit?

This generation has had some great times but most that I remember from it will be the barrage of remasters given to players.

Creativity is drying up.

It feels aside from pressure for making money, most developers are losing creativity with their games and are putting out awful ones, Halo 5 being one example where we thought this was a good game we got a weird game with no sense in it.

Assassin's Creed...don't get me started that is just a game that prints money for Ubisoft.

FIFA...does it ever change? It's worse than Photoshop Updates.

Need For Speed...what happened bro?

Mass Effect...Rest in peace Shephard.

Disappointing. Are they really out of ideas? Or too lazy to make them? Because I see games like God of War forPS4 which looks great and fresh. The Forza Horizon series is just amazing and a few others. But the rest...are just plain bad.

Hell, even Destiny 2. Looks the same, feels the same. So what's new? Oh nothing, a couple of maps. So why the 60$ tag? They need money so bad they "made a new game."

Where did all those ideas go??

Greedy Publisher

As much as we blame the developer for even making a game like that and ruining their reputation, the publishers are to blame as well.

Look at Ubisoft. They make a game out of any idea that comes to them. They don't even polish it. Just give it a stupid story, have the gameplay, and make it online, like For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, the new pirate game they announced at E3, and not to mention the one with toys.

Even EA does it now. Just put out and out. Bad release dates. Microtransactions all the way. Lie and betray.

Konami...the less said the better.

At least Sony lets them take their time to make the games. I'm happy with their list of upcoming games but the rest...they're just too hasty. They want money...and fast!!!

They made reputations for themselves and kids buy it anyway so money money money. Even if it's a single player game don't worry, we'll find a way to get money.

We are to blame!!!

Look, we can say all we want about them, but we are to blame!

As consumers, we shouldn't just buy any game. We should make them take notice of sub-par quality games they put out.

If we stopped buying those kinds of games and cost them money, we'll be doing something right. We'll send a message.

This isn't to say that we are not supporting them. No we are. In the most loving way possible by telling them, sending them a message that your games are getting worse!

This generation has disappointed me so far. The focus on online gaming is very good but, leave some room for actual gaming. For beautiful single player experiences that made last generation so wonderful.Or the amazing multiplayer experiences we had in the beginning of this generation but turned into microtransaction fiesta so fast.

We even pay them money to play online. Where are we going? To be as greedy as possible? To become film industry?

We're better than that. We are the gaming industry. The one place art is a dominant force in it and creates whatever it wants. Even if it's about awareness of an illness (Senua's Sacrifice).

So do yourself a favor, no the world...don't buy sub-par quality games especially from big cats like EA and Ubisoft. If you know it's sub-par quality that you're not getting your 60$ worth out of it? Then don't buy it.

Simple as that. We...are to blame for allowing such behaviour to continue.

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