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The Colonist - How Do You Kill a Spartan?

by ITheRebelI 2 months ago in combat
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An Original Halo Story


Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. What they don’t tell you is that you can hear thousands of screams, but that they’ll get cut short as the oxygen gets sucked out of their lungs. Men, women, and children, all alike. All screaming. All cut short. All memories burned into my brain. It happened when the Office of Naval Intelligence’s (O.N.I.) super soldiers needed a quick escape route and opened the airlocks, jettisoning all of our friends and families into the blackness of space. To O.N.I. and their Spartans, it was just a few thousand colonist casualties, sacrificed so the government could keep a tighter grip on the outer colonies. Thousands of civilians were killed for the capture of one colonist leader.

The Office of Naval Intelligence. The spearhead behind the Spartan-II Program, O.N.I.’s bastard dogs. Genetically augmented super soldiers sent to terrorize the colonies with insanely powerful exoskeleton suits, re-framed as heroes when the alien alliance known as The Covenant arrived to wipe out humanity. No matter how much the Spartans and the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) fight for humanity, they have never fought on behalf of the colonies. They have fought for the colonies, but not for the colonists. Not for the people. Not to save us. Just to take these worlds back. To bring them into the fold and continue to bleed out our resources. They called anyone who opposed them, Insurrectionists. “Rebels,” they called us, for wanting our independence.

No matter how much time passes. No matter how many wars humanity fights. Whether it be against the alien Covenant, the parasitic Flood, or the ruthless Banished alien rebellion; there are always outer colonies. Despite planets that were literally turned to glass from plasma bombardment, humans have survived and continue to populate distant worlds. We have repaired our homes, regardless of the tragedies, and this means, there will always be colonists. All we want to do is go on. That is all we have ever hoped for. That is all we have ever desired. And that is all we have ever fought for. And to think that we would have to fight against our own kind. Probably our most lethal enemy, and the most ruthless comes from the UNSC and their dark and secretive department, O.N.I.

One of the first major strikes O.N.I. and their Spartan super soldiers took against us happened on an asteroid belt that we had developed over many years. We had families, we had jobs, and we had a whole society. And all that got blasted out of an airlock when the Spartans decided they needed a quick escape route after capturing an Insurrectionist military leader. But what O.N.I. didn’t count on was that some of our shipping and docking vehicles still had survivors in them when the airlocks opened. And we had enough footage from the security cameras to give us some clues as to what the hell happened. A small team of deranged-looking children, bigger than most of our miners, were seen for the first time entering our colony that day, and that was the last time we saw them. Soon afterward, we started getting more and more reports of crippling terrorist attacks all across the galaxy, all targeted at outer colonies and Insurrectionist outposts.

Eventually, we mobilized a small group of voluntary soldiers with one mission. To counteract, the Spartans. Whatever it takes. Turn a Spartan. Enlist them. Get them onto our side. Capture a Spartan. Interrogate them for O.N.I.’s secrets: their hidden bases, the higher-ups, and the powers that be. Hijack one of their MJOLNIR exoskeleton suits. Put one of our own colonists in the suit, and send him in to raise hell. Locate an O.N.I. Operating Center. Download their Missions List. Leak their Spartan coordinates to the whole galaxy, aliens included. Mimic their armored power suits. Poison their biofoam health packs. Get enough of us close to a Spartan, and take one out. Kill one Spartan, save ten outer colonies. That’s where my job came in. That's what I volunteered for. That is what I signed up for. And this is how it happened.


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  • Jori T. Sheppardabout a month ago

    Fantastic idea. Great premise. Very creative and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

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