The Best Video Games to Kill Some Time at School or Work

We spend quite a bit of time online, some for work, some for study. Or just for pleasure. You can't be busy all the time and a bit of time for yourself doesn't hurt. That's why we like to play a game now and then. In this article, we will give our top 5 online games.

The Best Video Games to Kill Some Time at School or Work
Bored? Kill some time with an online video game

We all have been there; you are at school or work and have nothing to do, it is the end of the day, and you are bored. Do you know that playing a video game for 15 minutes boosts your energy levels and spirit? You take a small break, and your mind gets some rest—a win-win situation if you ask me! We have made a list with our favorite games to kill some time.


Slither is Snake 2.0, With real human opponents! Move your snake around the field with your mouse and eat the pellets to make it grow. When you click the left mouse button you get a small boost. But now comes the fun; when another snake hits you, they will die, and you can eat their body to grow! Try to take out bigger snakes and consume them to become one of the top 10 in the leader board. When you become bigger, your snake will also move slower, so a bit more cautious play is advised.


Tentrix is the new version of Tetris©, the game with the different shaped falling blocks that some of us grew up with. This time the blocks aren't falling, though. You are presented with an empty field; place the block you get in the bottom of your screen. You can make lines horizontally and vertically. Try to place as many blocks on the field as possible. When you can't place any new blocks, your game is over—so be sure to connect some lines now and then.

Connect Classic

Connect two animals in this easy-to-play game. The goal here is to clear the field by connecting animals of the same kind. Search for two of the same colorful animals and click or tap them to connect. When connected they will clear, and leave room for new connections. Try to finish the level before time runs out to earn stars and go to the next level. Tired of the animals? You can choose to connect food or fruit in the main menu.

Bubble Shooter

Another all time classic is bubble shooter. This game is good for a minute or 15 of fun. Shoot the bubbles and make combinations of three or more to make them pop. Continue to do this to clear the whole field. This sounds easier than it is. You see those bubble in the bottom left corner? When you miss, a bubble is removed here. When all 6 bubbles are gone, a new line of bubbles spawns on the top, moving the field down. When the bubbles "touch" the bottom, your game is over.

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a quiz that you cannot describe other than... impossible. The answers may not seem to make sense, but some will certainly unravel the way of thinking! To play this game you need not only a brilliant but also a special spirit, and certainly a good memory! Make sure you remember your answers well, because you only get three lives at a time, and once you've used them up, you have to start all over again. However, the questions and answers remain the same, so a good memory is essential!

There is no clear logic behind the questions, and you have to think deeply about potential answers. For example, one of the questions is "Can a match box?", To which the correct answer is "No, but a tin can" (matchbox and tin can, do you understand it?). This game is just as frustrating as it is addictive. How far can you get, and how many impossible questions can you answer?

Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is a simple game, but thanks to the gameplay it is very addictive and entertaining. You can play against three other players at the same time, and have to compete to become the very best in the maze arena! You take control of a tank, and you have to make your way through the maze to try and destroy your enemies.

The projectiles that you shoot with your cannon bounce back from the walls of the maze, so be careful and watch for stray bullets! You can hit your tank with your own bullets, so don't just start shooting around like crazy! Can you master Tank Trouble 2 and prove yourself as the champion of tank drivers?

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