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The Beauty of Game Open Worlds

by Calonie Johnson 12 months ago in art

Gaming Worlds Inspired by Reality and Fantasy

A Madagascan scene in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

The world in which we live has several magnificent locations at every corner of the Earth. From expanses of rainforests to spiring mountains, from charming country villages to super urban cyber cities. There is much to see and our world has inspired the open worlds in a multitude of games. Open worlds in games are defined as areas that can be explored and interacted with. Our real world and also fantasy inspire this concept in games. One can enjoy the gaming aspect and aesthetics at the same time. In this writing, I will describe 5 fascinating worlds; landscapes and cityscapes.

Madagascan scene in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted franchise is one of the most brilliant and popular game series of all time and from the adventurous, involved gameplay and magnificent settings, one can see why. With each game (and there are 4 main games) there is a marked, visual improvement that never disappoints. The charming, wise-cracking, adventurous protagonist Nathan Drake is quite the open world traveler as he shoots, parkours, explores and shouts, "Oh, crap", all over the place! Madagascar is one of the several new locations seen in Uncharted 4. The burnished red mountain ranges, clear turquoise rivers and blinding bright skies cause one to want to hop on a plane right now!

Greece in Assassins Creed Odyssey

Ancient Greece is the inspiration for this Assassins Creed installment. Assassins Creed is also another popular game franchise beloved for its action, exploration and historical content. There are 11 main games within this series (which is up there, but not as many as the 50,000 Final Fantasy games; okay, there are not that many, but 15 games, plus a pending game for PS5, plus sub-games accounts for a prolific amount of games). Playing your way through Odyssey's open world (which centers around the mythological telling of the real Peloponnesian War between the Athenians and the Spartans) is a visual treat. Golden-hued skies, rolling tree-covered islands and sun-splashed cliffs are a sight to behold.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Another very much admired game franchise, Elder Scrolls, unlike the first two games I describe here, is not directly based on actual locations, but it is a fantasy amalgamation of actual locations (mostly inspired by Medieval Europe). This game has gloomier scenes which would seem to reflect the culturally dark and declining (hence the era also called the "Dark Ages") times that influence the game. Despite the somber appearance, the scenes are still lovely even because of the gloom due to the level of mystery. Misty atmospheres, ominous forests and neutral hues are melancholy but also appealing. If you are into moody scenery, this will be right down your cloaked, brooding alley!

Scenes from Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The last two entries will describe cityscapes; the first of which is the often fascinating Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Catalyst is the 2nd game in the Mirror's Edge series and, frankly, I would not mind another installment. It is a fast-paced game (the fast-paced nature of it will either energize you, drive you nuts or both; but you won't want to stop playing). The protagonist is Faith Connors who parkours herself to bits in this futuristic, cyber city as she transports necessary items as part of a revolution. This an open world I could live in: ultra-tall, sleek and stark white buildings with dashes of color set against a gleaming sky. It is a city that will make you feel cool while you are gaming your way through it.

Neo-Paris scene from Remember Me

This is a game that I feel is underrated. Remember Me is a clever concept in its plot (the protagonist Nilin is a "memory hunter" who is recruited to stop a dangerous technology from succeeding). It is not only entertaining to play, but its open world is very vast, very exploratory and very lovely! It takes place in what is called Neo-Paris in 2084 (so it is based in both reality and fantasy). It is a cyberpunk gamer dream with its blend of old, glorious architecture and futuristic, sharp structures. From its seedy, underworld areas to its high-class tech spots, Neo-Paris is a stomping ground for humans and androids alike!

I hope that you have enjoyed this article! If you already love gaming, this may have motivated you to look closer at the games you play with more visual appreciation and if you are not a gamer, hopefully, you will be curious to become one!


Calonie Johnson


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Calonie Johnson
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